WiMax wireless technology can significantly improve communications especially on areas where wired broadband connectivity or satellite uplinks are economically too prohibitive.  However, even on major cities where communication technologies are relatively advanced, WiMax solutions could significantly improve mobile connectivity.

WiMax mobile communications technologies can offer speeds of up to 4 megabits per second.  This approximates the speed of WiFi over local area networks.  However, mobile WiMax can cover a wide radius which can reach up to several hundred kilometers.  This is definitely wider than WiFi connectivity which only covers an area within a fifty feet radius. 

Because of greater speeds that can be achieved using mobile WiMax communication networks, users can maximize the functionalities of web applications and services.  Using their communication gadgets, users can access the web for mobile banking, email services, online shopping, Internet voice calls, gaming, and mobile entertainment.  In the past, these services can only be accessed through fixed broadband connections such as DSL, T1, or satellite connections.  With mobile WiMax, communications over high speed broadband have become more widespread.

Companies offering WiMax connectivity and related services are hoping to achieve the success of cellular technologies.  That is why the WiMax Forum created a set of standards for the technology in order to further enhance interoperability of mobile broadband systems.  In this way, mobile WiMax can be used practically by anyone who has a WiMax enabled device.

The development of mobile WiMax can surely improve human communications.  It will provide an impetus for businesses to improve their productivity. It can also serve as a vehicle to strengthen global interaction.

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