Curious of how the SCJP exam is given; available are mock exams for SCJP candidates.  A Mock test for SCJP provides candidates to get the feel of how SCJP exams look like.  The mock test allows candidates to experience the type of questions given during the SCJP exam and the tips on how a question should be answered. 

Mock test are mostly identical to some of the questions given in the actual exams. However, candidates should not totally rely on the examples of the mock test.  Mock test for SCJP should be considered as a learning tool rather than a test.  It is a tool  used to enable candidates in assessing oneself as to his or her preparedness in taking the SCJP exam.  A mock test is organized according to objectives and at the end of each objective  a mock test is given to gauge on how candidate has learned from the objectives.  Answers at the end of each objective are provided as well as explanations on how answers were arrived.  With the mock test,  a candidate can retake the mock test and see if the same error or mistakes is repeated. The SCJP exam is given in multiple choice system and coding. The Mock test for SCJP consists of at least 250 questions, which allow candidates to review almost all the areas covered in java programming.

Mock test is a learning tool.  It should not be taken as an actual exam.  A candidate needs to be prepared for the SCJP exam.  The mock test serves as a practice test and guide to candidates for the SCJP exam. 

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