The most important component in a site is the images or photos displayed. There is just this magnetic effect from photos that is pulling the visitors to stop for awhile and check what is in store for them in a website that has images. Actually, you can easily handle images in Drupal. But of course to get this functionality, you will need some Drupal modules.

You just have to be creative and use some modules. Use image to describe the image content that you would be using. You can also use image exact sizes so that you can crop and resize photos, image gallery to organize the pictures, image import to import pictures by batch and tagadelic to create tags.

Another module that you can use is the CCK or content construction kit. In there you can define the photo content type and at the same time, you would be able to create or customize the metadata.  This is used to filter and sort the photo nodes. In CCK, you can categorize and handle these metadata for photos in the administrative panel making them easier to manage and organize.

It is important that you organize and tag your photos on your Drupal site so that you would be able to optimize the use of these resources. These images are important so that you can easily manage the content of the whole website. Online stores would have to attest to this since their successes most of the time relies to properly handled images in their Drupal ecommerce site.

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