WiMAX has a lot of potential in the telecommunications industry. For one, it could replace the copper wire technology of telephones and cable TV through the use of internet service provider services. WiMAX is also capable of replacing cellular network infrastructures. When it comes to providing internet connections, it can certainly be a good replacement for DSL and cable technologies.

Because of such a potential many companies are looking into being core and first adapters to the technology. Knowing and acknowledging that technology is heading to that direction, WiMAX vendors are growing in numbers. Many want to cater to this technology but not all are quite that compliant.

Fortunately, the WiMAX Forum is there to provide a guide as to which vendors are considered compliant. And the products that are considered truly WiMAX interoperable and compliant are those that are WiMAX Forum Certified. The list of these WiMAX vendors can be searched and found on the site.

This, of course, facilitates an easier and faster further development in the technology. With WiMAX vendors ready to cater to the needs of both WiMAX providers and their end users, bringing WiMAX to the homes and offices will be a matter of implementation. WiMAX vendors provide all the infrastructure needs from hardware, software and applications to WiMAX services and solutions.

So thanks to all the WiMAX vendors, WiMAX is now more available. Internet connection and other telecommunications services are can be availed by more people. End users get more cost effective telecommunications services too.

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