Business Engineering Blueprint
Overview of ERP and Ebiz options
Overview of Business Engineering
Overview of Organizational Elements
EPC Tool for describing complex processes
SAP R/3 Reference Model
Implementation Guide (IMG)
Stages of E-Business
E-Commerce Stage
Leverages an Internet-based sales channel to sell products or services or to make purchasing more efficient
Rudimentary forms of e-procurement such as EDI
E-Business Stage
Business performance is improved by IT and open standards to connect suppliers and customers at all steps along the value chain
EB focus is on effectiveness through reduced costs, improved customer service and streamlined business processes.
Extreme view of EB is the virtual company that only puts together a build plan and a sell plan and outsources the rest.
E-Partnering Stage
Companies work together to optimize an overall value chain
More than simply linking business systems, strategic, customer-focused relationship
Companies utilize e-business capabilities to create an environment for shared business improvements, mutual benefits and joint rewards.
ERP and E-Business
We assume that all companies need to handle some kind of internal transactions. These are facilitated by ERP
E-business is best supported by a well-tuned ERP system.
There are many different ERP and e-business strategies. These are determined by technical capabilities, industry position, and willingness to change among other factors.
E-Business/ERP Option Matrix
E-Business Options
No E-Biz Capabilities
Channel enhancement
Customer self-service, Web marketing
VC Integration
Begin to implement eCRM and eSCM
Personalized customer and supplier portals
Industry Transformation
Companies align Inet and with corp. strategy to create new products and services
– Inet enabled partnering of companies in different industries for one stop shopping
ERP Options
Green field
– Can create IS architecture from scratch
Nonintegrated Systems
Company has no rapid or meaningful exchange of data between internal systems
ERP by Function
company has successfully install one or a few ERP modules across all Bus
-fully integrated ERP suite in one or more Bus
Fully Integrated ERP
-fully integrated ERP suite across the enterprise

Cost to Implement Various Ebiz Solutions from ERP Scenarios
Pros and Cons of Business Blueprints
Few businesses can afford to start from zero
Processes are difficult to model
Way of capturing industry knowledge
Can serve as common starting point for process design team
Takes too long and processes are changed by time it is finished
Business Engineer
Procedure Model

The SAP R/3 Reference Model

The SAP R/3 Reference Model
Clear picture of functionality and integration of the SAP R/3 System
Quicker gap and requirements analysis
More efficient R/3 implementation
Continuous business process optimization
Structured business process documentation

The SAP R/3 Reference Model
To provide support for phases 2, 3, and 4 of an AcceleratedSAP implementation
To compare company requirements with the possibilities offered by the SAP R/3 System

SAP R/3 Reference Model
An overview of SAP R/3 System functionality
A communication tool
A consistent reference throughout the project
A means to identify alternative solutions
The SAP R/3 Reference Model
Basic Elements of Process Modelling
Business Navigator – Component View
Business Navigator – Process Flow View

The IMG (Implementation Guide)
The IMG (Implementation Guide)
Component-Dependent Folders
ASAP uses templates in SAPoffice for general project documentation.
While generating your Enterprise IMG, the system creates a component-dependent folder structure in SAPoffice.
òComponent dependent folders’ are used to store text documents concerning the functions & processes of the SAP R/3 implementation.
Component dependent folders are independent of a specific project.
Component Independent Folders
Each Project IMG generates a component- independent folder structure in SAP Office in addition to the component-dependent structure.
Every project creates its own folder structure.
The component independent folder structure stores project-specific information.

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