Good engineering skills in developing enterprise solutions to support MSSQL in areas like backup, monitoring/alerting, security compliance, patching, etc.

More Uses of the MSSQL Toolkit:

  • Lead: net core, and working with existing or new MSSQL databases.
  • Be accountable for conducting MSSQL server and server updates.
  • Confirm your design ensures MSSQL database instances are updated with latest critical fixes.
  • Solidify expertise working with data, and administering MSSQL.
  • Solidify expertise working with data and administering MSSQL.
  • Ensure you invent; lead a team of MSSQL database developers.
  • Systematize: data maintenance in MSSQL.
  • Install, configure, monitor, upgrade and maintain MSSQL databases in production and non production environments.
  • Oversee: monitor mission critical MSSQL servers and optimize performance problems.
  • Head: primarily the architecture, engineering, deployment and support of MSSQL database technology.


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