Content management system employs a modular framework in the form of Drupal. Drupal supports online community and web log because of its strong capacity to publish articles on websites in the easiest manner. Drupal has also the capacity to choose and process installation of modules to support a module library that is accessible to a large number of communities. Drupal links are mostly seen and used in community portals like blogs and forums.
If you want to know more about Drupal links you also have to know how to control link placement in Drupal environment. When we say manipulating link placement in Drupal environment it is not as easy as it is supposed to be. If you see the default link that says “read more” or “add new comment” they are the default setting that are usually seen and placed on the front page. However, more than those default alternatives, you have to command more links.
As for the link modules, or the one-step link field (by CCK providers), there are designed fields for any unauthorized users and these are the URL text field, Title text field, and the Open New Window checkbox.
In the installation process of text field links there should dropping of the entire link module on your site, enabling of the module from the module page of the administration, and then the creation of CCK content type and adding of new link.
Finally, other processes in creating Drupal links are through link configuration, data entry of URLs and the so called Theming procedure, or the process of “how to theme the output” links and other content field types.

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