ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications are strictly no longer just for companies, businesses, and enterprises. Even government organizations are taking advantage of the convenience and efficiency provided by ERP applications.

One such government organization using ERP applications is the Navy. Navy ERP applications help the Navy streamline their processes so that they all run in a single integrated system. Therefore, standardization is simplified and errors are minimized. The end result that the Navy ERP applications deliver is a big savings in money and time by managing the organization with high levels of efficiency.

Prior to being used, general ERP applications were tested to see if they suit the organization’s needs. The results showed that ERP applications in general can be used to help manage the Navy’s processes with just a few customizations to make them fit the structure of the Navy.

When the transition was made to Navy ERP applications, employees were trained on how to utilize the system. Employees voiced a consensus: the Navy ERP applications were not only easy to use, they were also more than capable enough to help manage the Navy. Users of the Navy ERP applications are basically divided into two groups–one group is basic users and the other is power users. Basic users have limited access to the applications. Due to the simplicity of their role with respect to the applications, the preparation basic users get is an online training that can be taken at their own pace. Power users, on the other hand, have full access to the system. Aside from online trainings, power users are also taught in a traditional classroom setup.

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