Plan, facilitate, and support complex methodology development and evaluation, business process reengineering, identify best practices, change management, business management techniques, and organizational development.

More Uses of the Net Present Value Toolkit:

  • Confirm your organization provides ongoing management of real estate transaction activities for a complex or high profile portfolio of properties on behalf of your corporate clients.
  • Apply process improvement and re engineering methodologies and principles to conduct process modernization projects.
  • Create a strategy around automation in the facility focused at high cost processes and high ergonomic risks.
  • Contribute as a key member of client facing teams to develop, implement and manage consultative programs, working under the leadership of project Engagement Managers.
  • Calculate return on investment, Net Present Value and other financial ratios, percentages, and measurements.
  • Engage with the customer to clarify requirements and keep the customer up to date on the status of the analysis.
  • Oversee: work synergistically with other consulting practice and corporate solutions service lines, seeking opportunities for integrated service approaches where appropriate.
  • Formulate: partner with various operating groups and divisional partners to develop potential initiatives and business cases.
  • Ensure accurate financial controls and governance are in place with respect to long term strategic and product portfolio decisions.
  • Pilot: work closely with international business managers to develop and align on strategies in the international markets and to provide support to your distributor partners.
  • Identify, recommend, and implement process improvements that increase the overall efficiency of the Finance team.
  • Warrant that your organization prepares, recommend, and implements a portfolio wide transaction strategy for acquiring and disposing of real estate properties.
  • Be accountable for doing so requires developing and executing realistic strategies to earn customers budgets relative to the competition.
  • Organize: partner with strategic planning and corporate strategy in developing long term strategic plans for the business.
  • Develop and execute product campaigns as product launches and targeted market segment proliferation campaigns.
  • Develop and implement process improvements which reduce labor by simplifying tasks through process automation while ensuring the safety of all employees is maintained during process changes.
  • Ensure your organization basis of cost estimates, Alternative of Analyses, Business Case Analyses, EA, Net Present Value analyses, return on investment analyses, acquisition management support, and cost benefit analyses.
  • Ensure you recommend planning/forecasting methodologies, guidelines for allocations, budget constraints, and financial performance targets.
  • Ensure your organization identifies, analyze, and communicates to management the impact on your organizations financial structure, profitability, and competitive position utilizing relevant analytical methods and/or department forecasting models.
  • Update demographic and market information for each asset area for strategic planning, budgeting and reporting purposes.
  • Devise: challenge the assumptions and conclusions in the financial reports, providing feedback and recommendations to management as appropriate.
  • Formulate: implement consistent accounting policies, practices and procedures, upholding appropriate gaap standards and regulatory requirements by remaining knowledgeable about existing and new accounting rules and standards.
  • Lead lease negotiations with asset manager and make suggestions and recommendations with respect to lease related issues.
  • Return on investment evaluate projects to determine if the projects support the long term growth of the business and meet key investment criteria.
  • Reduce product cost and improve quality by implementing automated manufacturing processes, methods, and work instructions.


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