In IT, it is important to provide a good preparation for risks and system maintenance of
computers. The network management is needed in companies to have appropriate
methods, procedures, tools in maintaining the network system. This will help the
company in keeping a smooth operation on its computer network services and monitors
the any risks that may occur. This will also assist IT managers in reducing the risks
involved in maintaining the network systems.

Network management also facilitates in the administration which monitors various
resources. This can assist in sustaining the network control and sees to it that resources
are assigned properly. Computer system should be maintained regularly. Having repairs
upgrades, replacement of devices, router patch and adding a new network switch are
common scenarios in computer system maintenance. This includes corrective measure
that is needed to operate a better network system.

Supporting the services by having the right configuration resources is essential.
Provisioning is one of the major concerns of network management, such as creating a
new network system to provide clients voice service. Network management also includes
deploying, controlling, planning, coordinating, monitoring, allocating, controlling
monitoring network resources and many more. Without these, computer network systems
will be difficult to maintain.

Especially in IT where network systems constantly changes, companies must realize the
advantages of having a proper computer network management. To prevent risks that
come along with changes in networking, business should be equipped and prepare for the
worse situations that can happen. Only through network management will help businesses
in preventing possible risks from occurring.

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