From what began as a tremendous expansion in the 1980s in the area of Network Management in the Business comes the Network Management Systems (NMS).
In reality, it is a combination of both the hardware and software being used to monitor and administer a network of data that comes from many computers.
These data are all wide-ranging in terms of the Business concerned.
For example, Mr. Sanders owns a string of factories that produces cigarette by the millions every day.
To collate all these data about the daily production in one single computer would greatly overburden both the computer and the IT technician assigned to it.
Add also the needs of the Business to include the daily and monthly cost needed by the factories to work and employees’ wages is counted, as well as the employees attendance or such things as who were absent from work and who were not.
Furthermore, there is also the question of overtime benefits and ranking.
To simply collate this on a single computer is drastically overbearing on the machine and IT technician no matter how talented and powerful they might both be.
But to have a string of factories doing the same thing with a single individual computer assigned to a factory, the need to collate these data from the computers is an ardous task that requires a very powerful and fast central computer.
This collating is the very essence of Networking and management comes in the equation in terms of the managing of the Network.
To keep up with the demands of the Network, the need for a more powerful and specifically-designed software arises, but even with the software handy this is still a hard task.
Hence, the hardware and software part was combined to form NMS.

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