Network Management Systems: The NMS and Event Correlation

Man alone cannot control, repair and improve the workings inside the Network.
Correspondingly, the computers and the hardware controlling the Network are also limited in terms of power and machine-specialization.
The hardware needs the controlling hand and mind of man, as well as the specialization of the machine to be used.
The Network is a vast ocean of information coming in from interconnected computers, all demanding that their information be processed at breakneck speed.
To control such Network, the IT team must be able to have within them the knowledge and the necessary hardware for power and software for specialization of the Network.
They must have these or else the job of controlling and monitoring the Network will be so overburdening that constant changes in the IT team will occur, while the computers are under continuous and great strain.
To combine all of these, it will form the Network Management System (NMS), which can be utilized for the monitoring and administering of any given Network.
This formation and combining can now thoroughly be enough to ensure the effective monitoring of the Network.
In reality, the NMS is already a system that provides the value of computer automation for only a good price. 
In a NMS, there is a terminology called Event Correlation, which is considered as the core functionality of the NMS.
It simply works by eliminating the occurance of most of the false negative alerts, which are generated by the Network.
Also, an overdose of these false negative alerts can create a system that is so ineffective that it can’t even distinguish between a true one from a false, as well as the system being overburdened with solving both the true and the false.


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