Domain specialization for remote sensing, detection and estimation theories, morphological processing, speech processing, Neural Networks, electromagnetic and acoustic effects on signals, and utilization of signal processing with advanced computer architecture.

More Uses of the Neural Networks Toolkit:

  • Establish: deep learning training data, Neural Networks, online learning.
  • Head: neural network and deep learning.
  • Use innovative ways to solve problems post inference of the Neural Networks.
  • Ensure your venture applies transfer learning to leverage existing trained Neural Networks.
  • Perform statistical modeling, data extraction, analysis, construct, evaluate, and tune Neural Networks.
  • Arrange that your project understands data management principles along with model evaluation and training techniques for Neural Networks.
  • Analyze experimental data and develop ways to make neural network perform more accurately and rapidly.
  • Lead: own and optimize existing deep neural network in your organization.
  • Ensure you launch; optimized your dataset generator to help users quickly generate thousands of annotated images for training Neural Networks.
  • Identify: machine learning and AI (especially deep Neural Networks).
  • Organize: transition operational neural network to real time systems or to prototype demonstrations.
  • Head: recent research in probabilistic approaches to type inference suggests that it is possible to predict types for dynamic languages by formulating it as a supervised learning problem and applying graph Neural Networks.


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