It dawned upon one glorious afternoon while engaging in a lengthy debate on my favourite topic – ITIL® that I have introduced new terms to my own vocabulary that Google doesn’t even recognize.  So ifelt the need to start the ball rolling to formally acknowledge the existence of the following new ITIL® terms: (because as we know – the more often a word gets used – the more it shows up in google searches…)


Definition: “ITIL®ize” (verb)– the act of placing an ITIL® perspective to something eg “John ITIL®ized his IT department.  Mary ITIL®ized the floor John worked on”

Variation: – reITIL®ize


Definition: “ITIL®istic” (adjective) – in the purist ITIL® form. Eg “ In my ITIL®istic world, even my tea lady will be a CI”


Definition: “ITIL®ism”   (noun) – an obvious ITIL® concept – almost too obvious to mention. Eg “Saying that your data centre flooding is a disaster is pure ITIL®ism.”


Definition:  “PostITIL®ize” (verb) – to contemplate ITIL®. Eg “as I postITIL®ize on Release Mgt….”


Ok – I ma sure that there are many other new ITIL® terms out there..

 Would love to hear them…


Please feel free to email on [email protected]

Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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