Workflow solutions are comprehensive software packages which can include business process management creation, workflow automation, and other process management tools. Workflow solutions seek to automate every step and component element of the business processes. Automation brings with it several critical benefits that could definitely improve the performance of a company.

Workflow solutions improve company responsiveness. Sensitivity of the company to its business processes, to customer service, and to internal company relations are critical in achieving success. A defect in the workflow or a bottle neck in the business process can be immediately corrected through automated workflow. Important client demands can also be addressed quickly as well as critical collaborative issues within the company. Increased responsiveness in these areas could definitely improve efficiency of business processes.

Another key benefit of workflow solutions is increasing productivity. Faster actions and collaborations on major issues can be possible through automated business process. Reduction of paper work and elimination of manual updating of work flow process could make the work faster. This will translate to gains in productivity because the more work done in lesser time means more value is being created by the company.

Workflow solution also benefits the knowledge and learning process of the company. If issues can be quickly addressed and solutions are implemented quickly, the business process gains through richer experience. A more robust business process management can arise quickly which could benefit the whole company operation. The company then can create a healthy business environment which is essential in facing corporate challenges.

During my V3 foundation training, I try to use a real life example of how the processes fit together to create a service… and sometimes a not so real life example…
So – I give you over the next weeks – implementing the new Carrier Pigeon Service

Scenario – the business believes that carrier pigeons are the new way to go, and will provide a more cost effective and efficient (and environmentally friendly) means of communicating across departments and offices. The IT dept is responsible for the design, test, build and rollout of this innovative new service.

Service Lifecycle model:
1 – Service Strategy
Service Portfolio Mgt – as we were aware that the CEO is an avid pigeon lover and indicated in one of his strategic meetings that we need to be looking at environmentally friendly alternatives for communication, we had started to investigate the carrier pigeon option, and so is in our Service Pipeline.. Fortunately for us, one of our IT staff also trains pigeons… we are also considering offering a range of breeds of pigeons, from high performance, but less attractive to the purely bred for beauty breed.
Financial Mgt – Budgeting – calculations were made on the TCO of pigeons and it is estimated that the savings will run into $1000’s of dollars, and so has been included in budgets. AS yet, negotiations with depts re charging has yet to occur
Demand Mgt – understanding the business is crucial here. It became obvious through PBA (patterns of business activity) that certain depts need greater and faster communication requirements, so strategies are being put into place to manage this demand. Several strategies include – charging more for high performance pigeons, offering free feed to users who only send pigeons after 10 and before 12 ( to minimise gateway bottleneck early in the mornings.

Overall the focus here is understanding the business needs and developing strategic objectives to meet the business requirements inorder to provide value to the business.

Next Blog – we shall look specifically at what value is in relation to this service…

Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service

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