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In recent years, increased competition has forced many IT companies to implement IT service management concepts and methodologies across all the functional departments of the organization. The increase in the number of implementations has in turn increased the demand for IT service management professionals who have the requisite experience and expertise in carrying out the implementations. These professionals command high pay packages and as such, a career in IT service management has become one of the most sought after in recent years. Individuals who want to pursue a career in IT service management first need to get the requisite qualification or certification from a college or an institute. Individuals who are not interested in joining a regular course can opt for an online ITIL® IT service management elearning course.


The online ITIL® IT service management elearning course contains all the topics that are there in regular courses such as customer service management, event management, problem management, change management, design management, release management, service level management, financial management, service continuity, capacity management, and accessibility management. Candidates who want to increase their chances of getting better jobs can opt for practical training at an IT company located in their town or city. ITIL® IT service management elearning online courses are now increasingly being preferred because they are far more affordable than regular courses.




ISO 20000 refers to the role of ISO 20000 standards in an IT Services company,
and it looks into a wide spectrum of IT Services. This includes the supply of
hardware infrastructure services, relations management and control. There are
sub-issues like budgeting and accounting, sharing resources, disaster recovery
plans and so on. All these can be effectively tackled while moving towards ISO
20000. The supplier and trade management is
also a critical area in building a strong IT Services company. Similarly,
enough attention should be provided to systems and configuration management.
Moreover, there are norms regarding information sharing and systems controls.
These must be followed strictly to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization.


20000 looks at Service Development Life Cycle. It tries to detect and remove
operational bottlenecks. The scope of any project is identified and resources
are planned accordingly. The production and development schedule is fixed and
followed rigorously. Then there is release management, which focuses on the
release of various product versions. If optimally implemented, ISO 20000 can
cut operating costs and increase profits. ISO 20000 increases the competitive
advantage of an IT services company.
Data processing, optimization, confidentiality and other issues can be
effectively addressed through it. Above all, the ISO 20000 certification
instills confidence and boosts the image of an IT company in the market.                                                                                                               

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