In this age of modern technology, the need for a patented and copyrighted software is a necessity.  Not only that you are assured of a complete set of software package but most importantly you are assured of a technical support should things do not go the right way for you in using the software.  

Microsoft Company is such a huge and well established conglomerate; more to that, it is a company that strictly follows Federal laws.  Microsoft has been very aggressive with its battle towards anti piracy and unpatented software.  Every now and then, Microsoft is seeking assistance from the Federal government about its advocacy in anti piracy and unpatented use of software.  The Federal government has been equally aggressive in fighting piracy of software. This should give us a hint that having software that is licensed is a must for you.  

It is a sad reality, though, that having licensed software can cost relatively more money for anyone.  However, the benefits of having licensed software are very much equated with the amount of money that you shell out.  Below are some of these benefits:

a.    Complete software package with all the additional services that are offered by the manufacturer.
b.    Ability of the software to be upgraded and enhanced from one setup version into another.  Licensed software allows for a lower version to be upgraded into a higher version and vice versa.  
c.    Warranty service is granted for every licensed software that is purchased.  This is not a benefit that is given when you buy pirated software.  

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