Obtaining the Cisco CCNP Certification Leads to GOod Salaries

One basis of identifying one’s Cisco IT level of skills is through the Cisco career certifications. Having any certification from Cisco gives the individual certain advantages from their fellow professionals. They would get preference over others in employment and their salaries tend to be higher than them too.

The Cisco CCNP certification is the second level certification after the CCNA certification. No one can take the CCNP exams if he s not a CCNA first. It is therefore a given that a CCNP examinee already possess an associate certification and he already has proven this to everyone. It is just time to demonstrate more knowhow and get certified as a Cisco professional. Being such would bring more honors to the person. It would also mean that he has now greater knowledge about his work. With this come some benefits and these are greater bigger salaries and more opportunities.

The CCNP certification is valid up to 3 years only. If the person wants to remain certified he has to retake the exam again. He can also move up to the next level and be CCIE certified. 

In order to get the Cisco CCNP certification, one needs to pass the four subjects in the CCNP exam. He has the choice between taking 3 exams or 4 exams. Taking only three exams means combining the 2 subjects into one exam.  Getting the Cisco CCNP certification is quite tough but it s quite helpful to one s career. It costs money to prepare and get through it but it can be recovered quite quickly once he becomes a CCNP.

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