Establish that your organization provides reporting and analysis to customers or managers with regards to vulnerabilities or remediation.

More Uses of the Offensive Security Web Expert Toolkit:

  • Guide: penetration testing is a core capability of stage 2 security.
  • Audit: offensive security certified professional (OSCP).
  • Ensure you write; certified incident handler (GCIH).
  • Be accountable for tracking information security vulnerabilities across one or more IT systems.
  • Standardize: enhancement of security requirements for existing systems to meet new threats.
  • Develop penetration testing scenarios.
  • Lead: Offensive Security Web Expert.
  • Ensure your operation develops and prepares penetration testing Rules of Engagement, test plans, and reports.
  • Orchestrate: highly technical review of application code and scripts to find vulnerability or policy violations.
  • Make sure that your organization provides technical expertise on penetration testing tools and simulation environment.
  • Arrange that your corporation tracks information security vulnerabilities across one or more IT systems or applications.


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