As more people rely on websites for information and buying needs, search engines tend to cater more website advertisers in selling their product or service.  Website advertisers continue to improve their landing pages to generate more conversion results of sales as visitors click the links as provided by search engines.

The latest in the conversion optimization application is the Intelligent Landing Page (ILP).  ILP is a system technology that allows for multiple creative on a single offer to be sorted dynamically by a variety of parameters including, Geography, Source of traffic, Keyword, and many more.  

ILP allows paid search advertisers to deliver dynamically a targeted rich media landing page on their site containing multiple video, audio and/or interactive Flash applications when the searcher selects a paid keyword ad.  It allows advertisers to creatively guide searchers through multiple conversion processes initiated through search and measure the success of the initiative within one tool.

The latest technology captures real time click-stream and on-page analytics as the searcher interacts with the page. User’s profile and actions are determined as to what content is served.  Thus, even two users who search on the same keyword could be targeted with different content, based on geo-targeting, census and lifestyle demographics, engine profiling and behavioral data.

With ILP, advertisers decide the content of what to be shown as a result of the metrics, based on research and mapping information.  The Content, offer and messaging decisions are based on the collective behavior of all users.

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