With everyone hot in pursuit of software as a service (or saas), it is very easy to see how exciting such a time might be for business providers and end users alike  most especially in the sector of on demand services.

This on demand service can be seen as a solution or a special feature that is able to address the need of the user for instant results and efficient control of solutions. In a lot of cases, the value proposition of such a service is all rolled up in the fact that the end user or service client is seen to avoid a particularly significant financial investment. Instead, he or she participates in a scheme that includes the popular pay as you go method. This scheme has done much to increase the popularity and utility of on demand service because of its value of affordability.

On demand services have a lot to offer for the eager consumers. It has video on demand, which is a special type of service that allows all the viewers to have access their media once they have subscribed to it  including PPV television offerings and streaming internet. It also offers on demand computing, often called utility computing, and presents a service where the software itself can process the transaction upon subscription. In such a model, the software is not really installed at the device of the user  the way to work it is to access it via Internet or at a centralized access point. Such a software is usually delivered by an ASP and is usually referred to as software as a service.

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