Sometimes even if you try to make sure that your web site is the best among the rest, you might find that your site is not performing well because of one thing. It just does not load easily and that your readers are waiting so long just to see a page of it. This is the same case especially if you are using Drupal. Some would say that the slowness could be cause because it’s just an open source software.

What really happens is that most of the response time for your web site is being used to process what is on your HTML file which includes your photos, video streaming or CSS. Some time of this response time is being used to retrieve your HTML document. That is why if you want to optimize your Drupal page loading performance, you need to optimize these things to cut off on that response time for uploading your page.

Another thing that could help you improve your loading performance is using some tools like YSlow. You can actually read this as why slow. This tool would help you determine why your page is loading so slowly. You just need though to install Firebug and Firefox to have this tool work. Good thing about YSlow is that it does not only analyze your page why it is slow but it gives recommendations on how you would be able to resolve a Drupal performance on your web site. Now, you would not have to worry anymore of a slow web site.

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