Oversee the staff and ensure adequate staffing levels, inclusive of hiring/Onboarding, evaluating, managing performance, coaching and developing employees ensuring employee productivity, quality of work, and alignment of goals with your mission, vision, and values.

More Uses of the Onboarding Toolkit:

  • Evaluate: function as the go to person for client and integration partner Onboarding, leading requirements gathering, facilitating technical discovery and development support, and ensuring quick turnaround on all tasks.
  • Be accountable for leading all aspects of new account Onboarding, from the review of investment guidelines to the coding of investment rules into your organizations compliance module.
  • Manage work with instructional design manager to gather metrics data on a wide range of curriculum from Onboarding, and nesting through an initial on the job time period to measure the effectiveness of the training.
  • Ensure your programs (Onboarding, ongoing enablement, and career development) are kept up to date as you release new features and products, evolve your messaging, and sign up new customers.
  • Support the new hire Onboarding process by preparing all IT systems; Build, upgrade and maintain workstations, for support of Tier I/II business applications.
  • Be accountable for assessing customer environments, networks, and software to identify the actions needed for a smooth and efficient cloud Onboarding and migration (where applicable).
  • Be accountable for working to develop reliable and consistent mechanisms to support virtual customer service and employees, as Onboarding programs and regular communications, etc.
  • Create thorough learner journey maps, taking into account Onboarding, professional skills, technical skills, and continuing education for varied and complex roles in the business.
  • Manage to enable clients projects to be delivered one time and on budget through proper project Onboarding, team member scheduling, adherence to project timelines, and problem solving all while staying calm under pressure.
  • Establish a trusted/strategic advisor relationship with clients, and drive continued value of your products and services throughout implementation, Onboarding, and throughout the client relationship.
  • Consult with field enablement leadership and executive management to design and execute delivery of learning, ensure new hire Onboarding coincides with sales training initiatives.
  • Create a detailed Onboarding process for new partners that covers business agreements and contracts, sales enablement, marketing enablement, and installation enablement.
  • Standardize: partner with the recruitment team to identify recruitment strategies, gather workforce requirements, obtain feedback and facilitate the recruitment and Onboarding process.
  • Facilitate the Onboarding of new assets by preparing and maintaining transition reports and coordinating the process with vendors, property managers, and internal parties.
  • Ensure necessary compliance training is completed for newly hired and promoted associates during the Onboarding process, by working closely with the Manager of Onboarding.
  • Control: partner with sales and client Onboarding to drive implementation, playbook development, budget forecasting and tracking, adoption of new products and services, and regular feedback and review meetings.
  • Initiate: leverage processes, technology and analytics to develop metrics and kpis that effectively measure functional excellence effectiveness in the areas of recruiting, Onboarding, retention, etc.
  • Manage a portfolio of customer Onboarding projects, ensuring a successful and timely completion achieving key milestones to ensure an accelerated time to value.
  • Coordinate with quality and engineering to ensure that privacy considerations are reviewed as part of the new product Onboarding process for new products, services, and IT solutions.
  • Ensure your organization leads a team of Learning and Development professionals focused on creating, enhancing, and delivering programs for Onboarding, leadership, sales enablement, career development, and related programs.
  • Ensure you lead product managers and engineers throughout the Onboarding and data validation processes while maintaining relationships with key external and internal stakeholders.
  • Facilitate/deliver programs (Onboarding, Performance skill Development, and Manager Effectiveness) that leverage blended learning, practice/application and peer reinforcement to ensure learning is impactful and effective.
  • Ensure you exceed your target by maintaining current revenue and aggressively growing the business through the Onboarding of new clients and cross selling/upselling existing ones.


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