Implement systems and processes to quickly lay the foundation for the accounting function, and also enable your organization to scale rapidly with evolving needs.

More Uses of the OODA Loop Toolkit:

  • Collaborate cross functionally on channel management, implementation, and ensuring market feedback informs your product strategy.
  • Help create a platform/process to enable Engineering to be Self Service for day to day.
  • Ensure adjustments and accounts receivable balances are accurate and meet client benchmarks and expectations.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities.
  • Be accountable for creating automated anomaly detection systems to monitor and improve quality of data flows.
  • Thrive in ambiguity and build creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Pilot: problem solve with product and implementation to address prospect feedback, concerns, and requirements.
  • Evangelize the OODA mission and vision.
  • Ensure you revitalize; build tools and processes to facilitate rapid delivery of accurate, clear, and useful reports.
  • Ensure you classify; good scripting and programming skills especially in Python.
  • Manage: data visualization principles and techniques.
  • Ensure you build; build enduring relationships with health plan and provider counterparts.
  • Help build out internal processes for the Sales team.
  • Manage work with product/engineering teams for testing and feedback sessions.
  • Provide leadership and influencing skills using best practices to provide successful team outcomes.
  • Establish: open source contributions and/or a portfolio of non trivial projects to consider and/or demonstrate.


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