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Consuming Project

Build your own – open compute designs are becoming more popular, and the open compute project is the place to visit for ideas on open server, storage, network, and data center designs, networking is evolving at a rapid pace, and you want the ability to change the network stack based on what customers want, it is the first rack standard that is designed for data centers, integrating the rack into the data center infrastructure, uniquely, one solution that has emerged to bring the network closer to the applications generating and end users consuming that data is the micro data centre.

Open Projects

Collaborative projects, and organizations that reflect the continued convergence of the communications and computing industries, cost drove the online deals organization towards running its own data center IT, with its enterprise needs covered in nearly every area, from databases and storage to hosting virtual machines. Equally important, large number of the big service providers are combining open networking, open servers, open storage with software-defined.

Greater Source

An initiative that – through the deployment of open source concepts – seek to determine the future of the data center. In particular, developments in optical transport and the data center are considered as are the challenges. Not to mention, heavier workloads from applications like data analytics are demanding greater processing power.

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