There are quite many ways of looking at CRM or Customer Relationship Management. But CRM is essentially implemented when the company wants to be more customer focused or customer driven. While resource planning is quite important, cost cutting is not everything. The other half of the story lies on the company’s customer relations.  The degree to which a company would be customer focused differs and so CRM implementation varies as well.

CRM is the combination of all the policies, strategies and philosophies that the company uses in managing  their customer relationships. It includes the way that company front liners deal with customers upfront. However, CRM also includes marketing, employee training and information systems management. 

All of these activities are enabled by a CRM software. It is the software that enables the automation of processes allowing the activities to be  done faster and more efficiently. With information revolving and delivered more swiftly, the company is able to act faster to create more enjoyable exchanges with customers.

Fortunately for many companies, open source CRM software is now widely available. There are quite many brands and open source projects that offer CRM software for free. Companies no longer have to be saddled with the high costs of acquiring CRM software. But even if the company is using open source CRM, it is still important that they choose the one that can be customized to fit to what their company needs. Expectations should always be realistic for CRM to be effective and for it to be a success.

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