Open source ERP has become the new face of business process solutions. The entire enterprise resource planning system used to be based on a single software which houses all of the important aspects of the business. This includes planning, accounting, human resources, and other operational facets such as warehouse and project management. However, recent times have shown the many different changes occurring in software programs each day. Because of this, open source ERP has gained popularity and has become a preference for some businesses.

With open source ERP, a third party host is involved. The entire setup is based on the internet and freely accessed by the company. Some businesses prefer this because it lessens the burden if in case technical difficulties will arise. These new ERP systems provides users with an easier to navigate interface and are therefore more flexible in terms of customization as compared to the old ERP software. It is also more focused on the market and if there are a drastic change among the consumers, open source ERP easily adapts to it and notifies the person-in-charge for upgrades.

The open source ERP is founded on the premise that the sourced code of the entire application is modifiable. However, even if it is highly flexible it still retains its confidentiality and it is not easily available to the public. Usually, the online provider is the only who can facilitate the changes or the buyer himself. Privacy options depend on the software manufacturer. The browsers are more friendly and easier to access for a brief overview.

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