Just as project management is planned and so is operations. 
Operating a project management plan requires careful study
and evaluation of how things should be done.  A plan to be
good, if skills and experience of manager is  considered
as a factor in planning.  A project manager to lead a team
should cover  the following areas  prior to
project management implementation.

1.  Organization Structure. 
2.  Organization Building Strategy
3.  Staffing Levels
4.  Personnel Policies and Procedures
5.  Job Classifications and Job Descriptions
6.  Orientation and Training Programs
7.  Pre-opening and Operating Budgets
8.  Operating and Administrative Manuals and

In the implementation of project management there are
processes that are perform through the life cycle of the
system.  A project management operation involves system
operations.  It includes performance measurement; life
cycle cost formulation, monthly status reviews, staffing
planning, communication planning, and scheduling and
scope management.   In the evaluation of the project
management operations, the organization should be
able to identify the project history and the lessons
learned during the project life cycle.  Organization
should be able to identify the training needs and knowledge
to be used by future teams.  This is to further avoid the
mitigating risks, refining estimate parameters, and
improving project management.

The Management of the project is not only how
skillful and experience your project manager is. 
It is also how project management was viewed and
formed as well as assessing the project management
at the end of the project cycle operation, an organization
can say they have achieved their targets.

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