Help accelerate the growth of lower middle market companies by leveraging industry, financial and functional expertise for strategic planning, Operational Excellence, talent management, corporate development and exit planning.

More Uses of the Operational Excellence Toolkit:

  • Establish a culture of Operational Excellence through collaboration with Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, IT, Legal, and Compliance, building and maintaining scalable processes and programs along the way.
  • Develop and implement strategy deployment, performance metrics, trends analysis, and implementation of strategies to improve key performance indicators related to quality and warranty.
  • Drive continuous process improvements to maximize customer delivery, quality, Operational Excellence and financial benefits associated with corporate standards and industry best practices.
  • Organize: globally aligned and locally applied organization culture programs, organizational structure design, employee training and development, knowledge management, organizational planning, Operational Excellence, etc.
  • Ensure you strive for Operational Excellence by promoting a team based, product focused organization, contributing to continuous improvement, participating in preventative maintenance and safety programs.
  • Establish: proactively identify, prioritize, and solve your toughest operational problems through engagement with frontline support teams, thoughtful data analysis and process design, and expert project and program management skills.
  • Identify: monitor compliance with all training, safety, financial and operational goals, ensuring that business partners understand and perform to the level of expectation and Operational Excellence expected by frontier.
  • Establish that your organization leads process design activities with technical teams, under commercial direction, to enable achievement of client operating objectives, improved Operational Excellence and lower cost of operations for the enterprise.
  • Audit: Operational Excellence partner with business stakeholders and project managers to proactively identify, drive, build improvements, enhancements, and system customization that solve aws business needs.
  • Develop and execute a strategic outsourcing strategy with key partners to ensure the highest level of cost effectiveness and quality output that support the internal standard of Operational Excellence.
  • Secure that your organization complies with organization policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; using the Open Door Policy; and applying such in executing business processes and practices.
  • Oversee: over the years, you have built an extensive network of industry and functional resources that you leverage to help your companies identify and employ Operational Excellence to drive sustainable growth.
  • Continue to identify opportunities to improve Operational Excellence by developing and sharing best practices across your organization, utilizing metrics, and incorporating cross functional feedback to drive the best solutions.
  • Arrange that your organization develops, communicate and oversees Red Classic strategy and metrics for the Operational Excellence, continuous improvement and efficiency of all functions enabling Red Classic organization owned assets and Owner Operators in accordance with network and service metrics.
  • Provide oversight of large, complex or multi year outsourcing programs and provides direction to project teams in order to achieve Operational Excellence, delivering projects/programs on time, to budget, to the highest quality, and that exceed client expectations.
  • Maintain Operational Excellence on the team to ensure high quality methods to gather and manage large datasets from multiple sources, transforming, cleansing, validating, or testing the data as necessary.
  • Enable your organization to focus on continuous Operational Excellence, analytics architecture evolution and high value technology selection decisions with transparency to business leaders.
  • Represent the sales operations and sales field organization on corporate projects that impact the productivity and efficiency of the sales organization in some cases lead and manage some or all aspects of such projects ensuring on time completion.
  • Provide innovative leadership to the business by leveraging new technologies and new ways to utilize technology to create value in Operational Excellence, business intelligence and better ways to communicate to customers.
  • Achieve quality improvements, schedule adherence improvements and cost reductions in order to ensure capabilities and performance meet or exceed industry and customer requirements.
  • Establish and communicate the Operational Excellence vision, providing strategic direction and leadership to drive continuous improvement in alignment with organizational goals.
  • Foster a culture of Operational Excellence to drive higher levels of system reliability, feature quality and resiliency through modern delivery practices that eliminate operational risks and impacts to service levels.
  • Ensure you aid technology domains in driving Operational Excellence through organization of agile processes and technologies to drive quick provisioning, accurate configurations, repeatable processes/implementations.
  • Warrant that your organization contributes to the Quality Management Departments Operational Excellence; assuring your organization delivers quality services in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and professional standards.
  • Warrant that your organization partners with executives and department heads to evaluate operational effectiveness and develop a roadmap of initiatives to drive Operational Excellence and scale the business for growth.


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