Job description

Job title Warehouse Operations Manager
Reporting to Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for Staff and Volunteers
Salary Within the region of £25,000 (to be negotiated) per annum plus 5% pension contribution
Employer Community Initiatives South West Ltd

Closing date for applications: 22/10/2014


Job based at FareShare South West, Unit 4 Little Ann Street, St Judes, Bristol,
BS2 9EB. Community Initiatives South West Limited (which is known as FareShare South West) is a registered charity and is a franchise of the national charity FareShare (the UK’s leading food charity)
37 hours per week. This will include working hours during evenings and sometimes at weekends
(Warehouse opening hours 8am-5pm Tues, Thurs, Fri. 8am-8pm Mon, Wed)
25 days’ paid leave, in addition to bank holidays

The role of Warehouse Operations Manager requires strong leadership in a constantly changing and growing environment of the UK’s leading food distribution charity. Creating an effective structure and delegating accordingly is key within this role where each day can vary. You will work with a dedicated small staff team with a large pool of volunteers, many of whom have been or are vulnerable. The role requires sensitivity and empathy alongside discipline and effective boundaries.

The successful candidate must have experience of working with vulnerable people, experience of food distribution, depot/warehouse management, experience of developing operations and systems, and experience of leadership.

Key aims

To maintain, improve and evaluate existing operations and systems and develop and integrate new operations and systems to ensure the ongoing success and growth of the FareShare South West food depot,
Maintain a strong leadership role which includes daily and weekly delegation to staff members and volunteers
Responsibility for the management, training and supervision of up to 3 staff members
Responsibility for up to 60 volunteers (usually a maximum of 10 on any particular shift), working closely with the Volunteer Manager
Responsibility for food safety, stock control, warehouse storage oversight, delivery and collection logistics, Operation Management System database and van maintenance
Responsibility for health & safety and security issues related to the depot and the safety and well being of all depot staff and volunteers
Responsibility for a budget and development of targets within the overall FSSW strategy and growth plan

Principal accountabilities

Operational Management

Management of up to three staff members, including recruitment, training, appraisals, monthly supervision and disciplinary procedures, working closely with the CEO
Management of the daily schedule and operations of FSSW and developing new operations as required. All operations are required to be in line with FareShare national policies and procedures and the needs of the local community
Ensuring the planning and smooth running of food received and food delivered; liaising with food industry representatives, distribution companies, lorry drivers and volunteer drivers
Ensuring that all shifts are planned and staffed with volunteers, and being prepared to provide cover at short notice, including driving the van or navigating; this includes two evening shifts per week and occasionally weekends
Ensuring that the vans used by FareShare South West are roadworthy and legal (taxed and insured), and dealing with incidents and accidents while the van is on or off-site
Maintaining good relationships and communications with food suppliers and food network Community Member recipient projects in partnership with other team members
Monitoring and evaluating the Project’s activities and making regular reports to the CEO, other team members, the Directors of FSSW and FareShare National as required
Constantly evaluating, developing and monitoring systems and policies including the FareShare food database and the operations office systems
Managing petty cash

Overseeing the Volunteer Programme, working closely with the Volunteer Manager

Ensuring that all volunteers and staff are trained as appropriate
Taking responsibility for volunteer welfare and safety within warehouse operations and logistics
Being involved with the ongoing development and delivery of volunteer policies and evaluation
Being involved with other training needs such as NVQs, Basic Skills and Forklift Training
Being responsible for the management and delivery of corporate volunteer days

Health & Safety, Food Safety and Equal Opportunities

Taking responsibility for day to day health & safety and security issues relating to warehouse operations
Supporting the development of policies, risk assessments and procedures for the Project and ensuring that all staff, volunteers, donors, recipients and visitors adhere to them as appropriate
With other staff members, being responsible for management and training aspects of relevant industry standards
Taking responsibility for food safety within the Project, by operating according to the FareShare HACCP Food Safety Manual, ensuring appropriate training is given and all guidelines and legal requirements are adhered to
Ensuring the service is delivered in accordance with the FareShare Equal Opportunities Policy
Carrying out any other duties which may be necessary to fulfil the main purpose of the post

Person Specification

Essential knowledge, skills & experience – evidence required

At least 2 years’ experience of working in at least two of the following areas: voluntary sector management, food distribution, warehousing operation management
Experience of recruiting, supervising/managing staff and volunteers
Ability to develop, initiate and maintain systems and procedures
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Experience of Team leading, able to motivate and develop people through positive approaches, and experience of working with people who require support
Good administrative and organisational ability
Problem solver and competent decision maker
Full UK driving licence
IT literate with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
Experience of taking responsibility for health and safety issues within a food distribution and/or warehousing operation
Experience of driving vans/medium sized vehicles

Desirable knowledge, skills & experience

Experience of food preparation and storage
Training skills
Presentation skills
Midas training certificate
Fork lift driver qualification

Willing to train to

Intermediate Food Hygiene qualification
Health & Safety qualification


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