Serve as the leader for the digital marketing team and integrate it with the ecommerce team to leverage commerce across the digital spectrum along with responsibility for the ecommerce Operations field team and future centralized fulfillment organizations.

More Uses of the Operations Toolkit:

  • Coordinate with sales, customers, and Operations to establish effective distribution channels and the logistics resources and processes delivering continuity of supply with economic logic.
  • Facilitate workshops or Voice of Customer sessions to elicit client input supporting options analysis, solution design, and implementation strategy.
  • Establish: close new business deals by leading and coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; integrating contract requirements with Operations.
  • Govern: partner with leadership to develop and manage annual Operations budgets and ensure your organizations operational priorities are aligned to strategic organization goals.
  • Be accountable for the day to day Operations, adhering to standard operating procedures, service level agreements, procurement, and facility management.
  • Be accountable for identifying opportunities to develop, improve or simplify processes and policies for effective planning and scheduling, supplier management practices, order fulfillment, inventory management and logistics activities.
  • Steer: review complex operational or transportation details to identify potential areas for improvement, savings or efficiency; also presents outside the box solutions.
  • Arrange that your organization maintains day to day service desk Operations; accountable for overall adherence of defined SLAs, and all key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics.
  • Be accountable for building, managing, and developing Operations and Supply chain process and solutions architecture across Deliver (logistics, warehousing, transportation, fulfilment, customer service and returns).
  • Confirm your organization develops enterprise data management strategies and implements tools to provide visualization, reporting and business intelligence relevant data for analysis, process management, Operations, and budgeting.
  • Ensure your organization coordinates project plans across product, engineering, and Operations to align the development and availability of product releases, features, and enhancements.
  • Be certain that your organization supports daily Operations of the Office of Advancement, with primary responsibility for supply ordering, management and organization, reporting of suite maintenance issues, and office suite upkeep.
  • Analyze, understand and articulate regulatory and contractual requirements and apply identified requirements to business Operations when supporting regulatory / external audits.
  • Be a trusted advisor by demonstrating thought leadership in cloud and on premise security technologies across multiple disciplines (application architecture, infrastructure and Operations, security, governance, automation, integration architecture).
  • Support implementation and Operations team throughout product development and deliveries related to operational scalability and mass digitization.
  • Be accountable for ensuring technical integration is achieved across the enterprise by actively participating in every phase of the system development life cycle and evaluating the architecture impact on the IT investment, financial systems, and business Operations.
  • Establish: target areas of forecasting, demand management, inventory control, cost reduction, product standardization/customization and creative solutions to enhance logistics Operations and saving opportunities.
  • Ensure you listen; lead the ability and competency to manage and complete multiple projects with changing circumstances, workload, priorities, and deadlines with quality results.
  • Manage multiple client projects at any given time, collaborating with Sales, Project Managers, Operations, and at times external organizations and End Clients.
  • Identify innovation and perform experiments to create processes that increase customer value; determine root causes of defects in performance through deep dive data analysis and decomposition and process observation.
  • Oversee routine, disciplined operational review that cascade through your organization to all levels enabling rapid escalation of issues for resolution and improved performance.
  • Ensure you execute; rapid is a key strategic imperative that supports a fit for the future model of the processes, Operations, and systems for the planning and management of Research and Development resources (dollars and FTEs).
  • Be accountable for implementing robust planning and scheduling tools to schedule production and suppliers effectively in a dynamic market with various selling channels and strategies.
  • Steer: investigation of user queries as order flow breaks, booking issues, application trading issues, regulatory issues, liaison with Operations and controllers.
  • Integrate with product development and engineering teams to monitor the ongoing Operations with respect to requirements established for security and privacy.


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