Right now the word, WiFi is so common. Remember, you have updated your blog because you were in a Café that offers WiFi. If you will dig deeper on this fact, really Wifi is such a great invention that now wherever you are, you can actually hook up with no problem at all – oh well, of course you need to have your mobile or laptop with you.

So what is behind all these technology? There are actually two wireless connections that you can have. One is having it in a certain place where you can have a wider coverage with the wireless bands. Then there is also a Wifi that you can have on your mobile. It is in this channel that OFDMA comes in. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access or OFDMA makes this possible. It plays a great part together with other modulation schemes such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, Fast Fourier Transform to name a few. But of course, with the market today, OFDMA stands out from the entire list for the broadband wireless technology.

So how does OFDMA works? Just like in the Café, there are so many people who are actually using the Wifi access there and what makes this possible? It is OFDMA. There are so many users trying to get that access and OFDMA has the capacity to break down that signal into other sub-channels. And it is through this characteristic that OFDMA has proven to be the most efficient and cheaper way to optimize your mobile access. So the next time that you step in a Wifi area, think about OFDMA.

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