Ingress Version 2 Launch Meeting and Demo
September 9, 2009
Review of Ingress
Goals and objectives
General issues and opportunities
Ingress Version 2 Introduction
v2 BETA demo
Other Issues; Open Q&A
Ingress -A Brief History
Original challenge -regional access to secure applications
County applications went live ~18 months ago
All required shared security model
Ingress Version 1 live in October 2007
Agency Registrars created users, granted access
Single sign-on for county applications
Result: Federated user administration model
Good/Bad Features of Ingress
Single source for regional applications
Single sign-on for applications
Very strong security model
Resonable administration for >4,000 users from >45 agencies
Not so good (a.k.a. Bad)
Limited to three King County applications
Some difficulties with user management
LSJ-I portal project
Insufficient funding for KCPCA DIGS project
Ingress v2 Objectives
Expand on prior concepts
Single consolidated point of access to information
Integrated search capability (expanding JILS)
Further incorporation of information sources
Integrated and consolidated access to data across systems
Query tools to support searches across applications
Applicable inclusion of public realm information
Vision: A portal for criminal justice practitioners
Ingress Portal Model (example: iGoogle)
Ingress Model Basic Concepts
Continue to provide access to regional systems
Applications are primary source of data/information
Expand to support new systems (agency/ad hoc)
Provide information at user’ s request
User adds and removes information
User decides where the information is on screen
Allow customization to fit individual needs
Users can tailor to fit their operations
Users can tailor to fit their preferences
Timeline & Functionality Release
Phase 1 -Framework and Beta
Portal Framework
Standard Widgets
Bookmarks Widget
Application Launch Widget
External Application Widget
RSS Feed Widgets
Twitter Widgets
Phase II -Full Version 2
Advanced Widget Administration
Agency Alerts and Notifications
Unified Search
Sending Results
Saving Results
v2 BETA Demo
What’ s Next
Agency use of Beta
All agency users are loaded into Beta now
We are NOT reconciling logons between Ingress versions
Beta will improve over next two months
Addition and improvement of how applications are presented in widgets
Addition of new widgets
Looking for user feedback!!!
Future transition to v2
At this time, users may use EITHER v1 or v2 Beta
Recommend doing an agency training and conversion
When v2 goes live (dates TBD) we will work with agencies to reconcile user accounts
At that time, agencies will have 30 days to transition users

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