Outlook CRM is more popularly known as Outlook for customer relations management.  Outlook CRM integrates the usefulness of the email client Outlook and Outlook Exchange with effective customer contact support software.  It comes as a plug-in for Outlook in order to systematize customer contact management. 

Outlook CRM is primarily an organization tool.  It can make a list of customers and organizes it into several client categories.  Companies therefore can easily select a group of customers with similar preferences and proceed to establish regular contact with them.  This ensures that the relationship between the enterprise and the client will remain through constant communications. 

Outlook CRM can also be used as an effective scheduler and event organizer.  This function is present in Outlook.  However, by using Outlook CRM solution specific marketing drives are organized so that companies will not create redundant campaigns on similar market niche. 

Small and big businesses can benefit from Outlook CRM.  For small companies, this software can be used to build their customer list and to start their initial customer contact campaign.  It could increase sales lead which could be the basis for more comprehensive marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, big companies can use Outlook CRM as their efficient solution for maintaining good customer relations.  Because the software allows automated contact support, they will be able to provide specific needs of their customers thus strengthen loyalty of their client base.  It can also be used as a platform to launch regular marketing campaigns to keep their customers updated and informed. 

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