Some companies may decide that the best approach to process improvement is to utilize a provider skills in these methods.  This outsourcing can be very beneficial for the small companies that don’t have the resources or skills to manage the effort themselves.  However, using an outside party to improve the processes of the business needs to carefully handled.

The truth is that no one knows your product or your customers the way you do.  Given that, an outsourced provider can provide an objective perspective on how to do business because they are not intimately involved in the day-to-day activities.  This objectivity can identify improvement opportunities that would not be noticeable by someone working within the processes.  Outsourced providers are also not constricted by learned cultural behaviors that are sometimes present in long standing  organizations.  In many cases, an outside “expert” can influence change more effectively.

When engaging an outside provider to manage process improvements in your business, make sure that they are competent.  Ask for credentials and references.  Ease them into the organization by giving them specific business lines instead of the whole picture.  Instead of totally outsourcing the effort, use an approach that allows the provide to do their work without giving them the authority to adversely impact your business.

Expert advice on process improvements is crucial at times.  Using it properly is critical.

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