Outsourcing research and product development is an excellent option for companies that want to improve their research and development capabilities.  Research outsourcing is made possible by the emergence of contract technology providers.  These commercial research institutions and companies can provide the necessary technology and expertise in all aspects of product development and research.  This development is a significant leap in the business world.  It could level the playing field in areas of research making it possible for small and medium industries to compete with huge business organization in product research and development.

In the past, only large companies have definite edge in research and development.  This capability created a wide gap between companies.  Those that have the ability to deliver the newest technologies, products, and services dominated companies that lack the capability.  This created an imbalance and placed medium industries at a disadvantageous position against its bigger competitors.  Worse, some companies folded up because it cannot keep up with the latest market innovations.

With the development of research outsourcing, this technological imbalance could be corrected.  By utilizing the services of contract technology providers, some companies can conduct their own product development ventures without investing heavily on technology, equipments, and technical expertise.  They could easily outsource their research and development needs thus enabling them to introduce product innovations to enhance their market competitiveness.  Through contract technology providers, small and medium industries could make their own market impact by delivering innovations.  Outsourcing research would revitalize the market and further enhance competition which will definitely benefit the general public. 

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