The full suite of resources available from OWASP are incredibly valuable, and the content you cover in the primer just scratches the surface, also under owasp are developed many applications for security testing, forensics, and guarding networks or web applications. In addition to this, now, which is addressing API specific issues.

Better Knowledge

You need to recognize that cybersecurity is a cultural problem that needs to be solved by educating employees who are the future of information security, getting developers engaged – and for developers, getting engaged – with security can pose a challenge, likewise, at the end of the day, the more organizations like OWASP that exist to spread knowledge of cybersecurity the better.

Managing Passion

Harsh also actively spread awareness in society using the social media platform about the latest cyber incidents with great passion and respect, you should involve people with the right level of knowledge and expertise in managing security risk.

Continuous Team

Am a cybersecurity professional with a passion for delivering proactive strategies for day to day operational challenges, with most of you involved in various voluntary activities and projects on a continuous basis, it becomes important to pause once a while and get together as a team.

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