One of the considered earliest methods used in determining how aggressive the website is based on the human activity recorded on it is the page view or the session that was made on the website.  The technical term page view is used to define the request event made by a client to the web server.  This session is usually being timed out based on how long the activity was made.  More often, this takes about 30 to 45 minutes before the session gets expired.  Although this form of determining how the website is actively being used, this is rather one of the more primitive technologies used.  

Technically speaking, a page view may have varied perspective depending on where it is being used or directed.  If the term is being used in the perspective of log analysis the term page view may then refer to the file that is on request which file type is going to be utilized by the log analyzer.  With this method, the individual page view may yield into several hits because all the resources needed to execute and eventually view the web page, such as images, jpeg files, tex, sound files and others, are also being requested to be downloaded from the web server.  If on the other hand, term page view is going to be used in reference to page tagging method, then it is defined as the occurrence of the language code that is being executed in the page tag.  The page tagging is more concerned about how the code is being executed and run.

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