Get savvy on the latest cloud terminology

A collection of tools that can be dedicated to one provider only, such as the AWS management console, or work across many public and private clouds, such as the Rightscale multi-cloud platform.

…A cloud marketplace can also be a store, such as a list of IaaS providers or a library of business applications ready to be deployed.

…One of the central functions of public cloud computing, along with customer self-service, multi-tenancy and on-demand service.

…Distributed computing tackles many problems: sharing hardware-level storage, application-level client sessions and other resources of many machines; duplicating applications across a cluster; coping with component failure and managing many machines.

…CPU can be added to a virtual machine, machines can be removed from a cluster and storage can grow with no practical limit (beyond requirements of the customer).

…A combination of clouds, such as an organization’s private cloud running on-premise, used for confidential processing, and an off-premise public cloud, used for batch processing.

…IaaS removes the overhead of dealing with premises, hardware, networking and some infrastructure software -the cloud provider administers these systems so the customer does not have to.

…Also covers moving a business application from an organization’s computer room to cloud services – the challenge of moving to cloud in the first place requires distributed computing work.

…The term was born when mainframe computing power was rented out to customers using a very expensive consumption-based pricing model, similar to the way public utilities rented out electricity, gas and telephone services.

…A virtual machine is a software-defined computer that can be created, destroyed and (by some providers) scaled up on-demand.

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Control (Scientific)

A control, or control group is a tool used to confirm whether changes are actually having an effect. The control group is exposed to the same conditions as the test group with the exception of the variable that is being examined.

For example, you may be experimenting whether increasing tire pressure makes a difference in mileage. You would keep all other factors the same (route, vehicle type, brand of gas, etc.) the same for two groups. … The control group would have the current tire pressure, and the test group would have the higher pressure.

…They are not always necessary, but can be beneficial to use when testing new processes or system. This is most often the case when you are unsure of whether a change will actually work or not, and there is a risk or cost of making an incorrect change.

…This prevents other changes that you may not be aware of from affecting the results.

…In the tire pressure experiment, you would not tell the drivers which group their vehicle falls into. … This is most common in medical drug testing in which both the doctor and patient are in the dark as to whether they are using the actual drug or a placebo.

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Enzo Biochem Inc. v. Applera Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2015)

When can a district court’s factual findings related to the extrinsic evidence in a claim construction determination not be given deference by the Federal Circuit?  … Writing for the majority, Chief Judge Prost noted that the intrinsic evidence for a patent related to modifying polynucleotides to be used with nucleic acid probes suggested that the claims could only be directed to detection by indirect means (such as with biotin/avidin or antibody/antigen complexes).  As a result, the District Court’s claim construction was vacated, as was the jury verdict of infringement, and the case was remanded for further findings based on the new claim construction. 

…The polynucleotides of the present patent instead contained a nucleotide with a constituent “A” that was “at least three carbon atoms and represent[ed] at least one component of a signaling moiety capable of producing a detectable signal.” 

…    wherein B represents a 7-deazapurine or a pyrimidine moiety covalently bonded to the C1 ‘-position of the sugar moiety, provided that whenever B is a 7-deazapurine, the sugar moiety is attached at the N9 -position of the 7-deazapurine, and whenever B is a pyrimidine, the sugar moiety is attached at the N1 -position of the pyrimidine;?…     wherein B and A are covalently attached directly or through a linkage group that does not substantially interfere with the characteristic ability of the oligo- or polynucleotide to hybridize with a nucleic acid and does not substantially interfere with formation of the signalling moiety or detection of the detectable signal, provided also that if B is 7-deazapurine, A or the linkage group is attached to the 7-position of the deazapurine, and if B is pyrimidine, A or the linkage group is attached to the 5-position of the pyrimidine;?

…If claim 1 can have dependent claims drawn to both direct and indirect detection, the District Court reasoned, the claim certainly cannot be limited to just one of these. 

…In this case, though, the Federal Circuit stated that the “background portion of the specification further describes the invention,” which was used to support the narrowing of claim 1 to indirect detection mechanisms. 

…Whether a claim term can be limited by “the purpose of” the invention is an interesting question, but the Teva case required the Federal Circuit to give deference to findings of fact. 

…As much as there was concern in the community when the Teva case came down that attorneys would be motivated to set up as many facts as possible in a claim construction proceeding, it is equally true that appellees should be motivated to cite to the district court’s reliance on those factual findings. 

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Why Strategy?

Strategy should bring clarity to an organization; it should be a signpost for showing people where you, as their leader, are taking them?—?and what they need to do to get there. People need to have a visceral understanding?—?an image in their minds?—?of why you’ve chosen a certain strategy and what you’re attempting to create with it. Because it’s pictorial, design describes the world in a way that’s not open to many interpretations.

As more and more of us brand/digital strategists become involved in the creation of experiences, clarity of understanding is the difference between coherence and chaos on the receiving end. This is true especially of projects that take years to bring to life — one step at the time.

…March 19, 2015 in business, marketing | Permalink

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3 Questions That Predict Your Financial Future

Workers increasingly need to make important retirement planning decisions, including how much to contribute to retirement accounts, how to invest their savings and how to draw down their wealth in retirement. A new report by the Pension Research Council at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found that adults in many countries make these decisions with surprisingly little financial knowledge, and that those with greater financial literacy tend to make smarter retirement investment choices.

The researchers asked people in 18 countries three simple financial literacy questions about interest rates, inflation and investing. “Answering just one additional financial question correctly is associated with a 3 to 4 percentage point greater probability of planning for retirement, in Germany, the United States, Japan and Sweden,” according to the report.

…After 1 year, how much would you be able to buy with the money in this account?

…When Americans over 50 were asked these three questions, only half could answer the first two questions about compound interest and inflation correctly, and just a third knew how to answer all three questions.

…Less than half (44 percent) of U.S. college graduates were able to correctly answer all three questions, which dropped to 31 percent of people will some college education and just 19 percent of high school graduates.

…Men (38 percent) were more likely than women (23 percent) to know the answer to all three of the financial literacy questions.

…“More knowledgeable individuals invest in more sophisticated assets, suggesting that they can expect to earn higher returns on their retirement saving accounts with lower nonsystematic risk,” write researchers Olivia Mitchell and Annamaria Lusardi in the report.

…Senior editor Emily Brandon tells you how to get ready financially for retirement and to make your golden years the best they can be.

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Smile to pay: New Alibaba mobile technology lets users pay with a selfie

Microsoft News > Smile to pay: New Alibaba mobile technology lets users pay wit…

Smile to pay: New Alibaba mobile technology lets users pay with a selfie

…Friday Mar 20 Full story: The Age

Pay by selfie: The founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, demonstrates the new facial recognition technology. Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled a new feature for Windows 10 where users can log in with biometrics such as facial recognition.

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… Updated Version of OST to PST Converter 4.7 By …

…More Microsoft News from Topix »

…Comments made yesterday: 46,725 • Total comments across all topics: 255,262,373

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Cox Partners with American Rivers to Protect Clean Water

Cox Celebrates World Water Day with Ocean Conservancy Partnership?


…World Water Day takes place on March 22, and Cox is proud of our partnership with American Rivers.

…Learn more about our partnership from American Rivers’ President Bob Irvin in the video.

…Launched in 2007 by Chairman Jim Kennedy, Cox Conserves is Cox Enterprises’ national sustainability program. … The program engages each of the company’s major subsidiaries (Cox Communications, Cox Automotive and Cox Media Group) and encourages Cox Enterprises’ 50,000 employees and their families to engage in eco-friendly practices.

…The company’s sustainability goals are to send zero waste to landfill by 2024 and become carbon and water neutral by 2044. The company also presents the Cox Conserves Sustainability Survey, a nationwide survey that examines sustainability opportunities and challenges for small and medium-sized businesses.

…Cox Celebrates World Water Day with Ocean Conservancy Partnership

…Cox Enterprises Raises Nearly $2 Million for the Movember Foundation in Support of Men’s Health

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Open Source iOS Library Allows Detection Of Control Center Opening And Adaptive Rounded Corners

• Open Source iOS Library Allows Detection Of Control Center Opening And Adaptive Rounded Corners

• Tool: Xcode Plugin Adding An Action Bar For Nearly Every Built-In Xcode Action And More

… • Tool: App Allowing Preview Apple Watch WatchKit Apps On An iPhone Or iPad With Touch Support

…Open Source iOS Library Allows Detection Of Control Center Opening And Adaptive Rounded Corners

Earlier this month I mentioned a library from Aaron Abentheur for creating user interfaces using gesture detection on the camera feed.

Here’s another interesting library submitted by Aaron for making apps a little more polished called AAWIndow providing a UIWindow subclass that allows for detection when a user opens control center, and provides adaptive rounded corners.

The rounded corners feature allows you to avoid artifacts being shown when the user uses the multitasking switcher by automatically changing the corner radius to zero.

…Here’s an animation from the readme showing the control center detection feature in action:

…Have you created a useful tutorial, library or tool for iOS development that you would like to get in front of our 300,000+ monthly page views from iOS developers?

…« Tool: Xcode Plugin Adding An Action Bar For Nearly Every Built-In Xcode Action…

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Overly Honest Or Overtly Sexist? Rear Window Sign Warns Of Woman Driver Behind The Wheel

If a bright yellow MINI sporting a “New Driver – Woman” sign isn’t bad enough, the precisely lettered (and obviously not mass-produced) banner blocks a significant portion of the rear window. … As for the innovative (ahem) sign itself, it features a mere three Chinese characters with the first two, “xin shou” (literally “new hand”) often being used on New Driver stickers. For whatever reason, however, the author of THIS sign deemed it necessary to add the character “nu”, meaning “woman”. … The ever-alert Tycho de Feijter of CarNewsChina found himself in the right place (the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, China) at the right time when he noted and photo-documented the MINI’s eyebrow-raising banner. According to de Feijter, he “ended up alongside to the right, finding a smiling man on the passenger seat and a visible nervous female behind the wheel.” … Anyone tempted to shrug off the MINI’s sexist sign as an isolated case of overt sexism, note the similar sign in the above photo. At least this one’s pasted where it won’t block the driver’s view out the back window. Even so, another bit of automotive wit & wisdom would seem to apply: If you’re close enough to read this sign, you’re too close for comfort.

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