Farmers Fund Research To Breed Gluten-Free Wheat

The Kansas Wheat Commission is spending $200,000 for the first two years of the project, which is meant to identify everything in wheat’s DNA sequences that can trigger a reaction in people suffering from celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder in which eating even tiny amounts of gluten — comprised of numerous, complex proteins that gives dough its elasticity and some flavor to baked goods — can damage the small intestine.

…”If you know you are producing a crop that is not tolerated well by people, then it’s the right thing to do,” said the project’s lead researcher, Chris Miller, senior director of research for Engrain, a Kansas company that makes products to enhance the nutrition and appearance of products made by the milling and cereal industry.

Though celiac disease is four to five times more common now than 50 years ago, only about 1 percent of the world’s population is believed to suffer from it, and just a fraction have been diagnosed. But the gluten-free food business has skyrocketed in the last five years, driven in part by non-celiac sufferers who believe they are intolerant to gluten and look for such products as a healthier alternative.

Sales of gluten-free snacks, crackers, pasta, bread and other products reached $973 million in the U.S. in 2014, up from $810 million the previous year, according to a January report by the consumer research firm Packaged Facts, which analyzed the sales of hundreds of explicitly labeled and marketed gluten-free products and brands at supermarkets, drugstores, and mass merchandisers.

Understanding the causes of celiac disease and gluten intolerance is the goal of a lot of research around the world; Some focuses on human diagnosis and treatment, and others have identified about 20 of the protein fragments in wheat that causes celiac reactions.

…He also plans to examine the wild relatives of wheat as well as modern varieties, and will tap into a Kansas wheat variety repository that dates back to the 1900s in hopes of finding a variety — perhaps one that fell out of favor among commercial farmers — that might already be low in reactivity for celiac sufferers.

…An expert on celiac disease who reviewed Miller’s plan online worries that it may prove “too simplistic,” and fail to identify all the toxic sequences that can trigger a celiac reaction.

Armin Alaedini, assistant professor of medical sciences at Columbia University and a researcher at the New York-based school’s Celiac Disease Center, said the project may end up with a less toxic wheat product that isn’t completely safe for all celiac disease patients.

“After all this effort, this product that is coming out … is unlikely to be superior in terms of nutritional value or baking properties and taste to the gluten-free products that are already on the market,” Alaedini said.

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Tradition, Tradition, Data Visualization, and Pareto Charts

If you are used to it, you know that the scale on the left is for frequencies and the one on the right for cumulative percentage.

…In addition, the only conceivable reason to use a line plot for the cumulative values is to make them visually different from the individual values, which is not necessary if they are on a separate chart.

…The traditional chart also uses vertical bars for categories that may have long names, and of which there may be many more shown than the five in Nancy Tague’s example.

…Instead, he focused on the evolution over time of the fraction of the total wealth, income, or inheritance in a society went to the top 0.1%, 1% or 10%, compared with what went to the bottom 50%.  

…When you look at actual data, the “80/20 law” often turns out to be anywhere between 90/10, with the top 10% accounting for 90% of the quantity in question, or 70/30.

…The data used to generate the horizontal Pareto chart above were in fact for 745 categories, most of which only had one occurrence, and the Gini index for this set is 88%, where it is on the order of 60% if the top 20% of the categories account for 80% of the total value.

…If it is 40% in one and 70% in another, you can expect the first one to have its work more evenly divided among products than the other, and it should prompt you to take a closer look.

…You have to balance their frequencies with the amount of time and effort needed to eliminate them and arrive at figures of merit in terms of reduction in fraction defective per unit time or per dollar spent, which requires further data collection and analysis.

…Note that, as long as the numbers are right-justified, the digits in Total footage  visually act like a horizontal bar chart in logarithmic scale, since one more digit on the left reflects a 10-fold increase.

…5S Autonomation Cellular manufacturing Continuous improvement Data mining Deming Ford Government Health care industrial engineering Information systems Information technology IT jidoka Kaizen Kanban Lean Lean assembly Lean Health Care Lean implementation Lean Logistics Lean manufacturing Logistics Management Manufacturing Manufacturing engineering Manufactuting Metrics Mistake-Proofing Poka-Yoke Quality Six Sigma SMED Strategy Supply chain Supply Chain Management Takt Takt time Toyota Toyota Production System TPM TPS TQM Visual management WCM

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Cloud Costs Dropping, Data Centers Closing

A first effect is the shuttering of secondary data centers and the deployment of more apps and services in the cloud.

…Check out the case study from an upcoming webinar with Gartner on how a San Francisco-based company saved 50% by replacing its secondary data center with the cloud, and reduced costs by 50% while increasing agility.

…Certainly the MyPoints team is ahead of the curve and most companies are still using DRaaS or secondary data centers, despite the costs, inconveniences and challenges.

…The secondary data center business (based on IT as usual) has been sizzling thanks to the innovations introduced by VMware and innovations in data center electrical and mechanical design.  … It seems likely, however, that the cloud has already started crowding out the traditional data centers, hence the Synergy stats on infrastructure spending shifting to the cloud.

In addition to falling cloud migration costs some of the cloud leaders have caught up with even primary data centers when it comes to security and compliance issues which had been troublesome in the early cloud days when it started as a Dev/Test environment ala VMware’s early days. 

…Traditional IT will certainly be around for many years, yet the ever lower costs of the API-driven cloud and the billions in investments made by the leaders (in security, compliance, and infrastructure) are already being felt by the “private cloud” huggers still willing to pay the vendor lock-in tolls.

…amazon Amazon AWS archimedius aws Blue Lane BlueLane Blue Lane Technologies Brocade Chris Hoff Cisco Citrix cloud cloning cloud computing cloud DR cloud failover cloud migration CloudVelocity core network services Cricket Liu CSCO CTXS Dan Kaminsky data center devtest cloud DHCP Diane Green diane greene disaster recovery DNS dns appliance DNS cache poisoning DNS exploit DNS vulnerability dynamic infrastructure emc F5 F5 Networks FIRE google Greg Ness hybrid cloud Hyper-V hypervisor Infoblox infrastructure2.0 Infrastructure 2.0 IP address management IPAM James Urquhart JNPR Juniper McAfee MFE Micorosoft Microsoft netsec network intrusion prevention network security Network World Nicholas Carr Proventia public cloud Riverbed security sourcefire Symantec SYMC toplayer virtsec virtualization virtualization-lite virtualization security VM security VMW VMware

… • Cloud Costs Dropping, Data Centers Closing | ARCHIMEDIUS on Tipping Point: Cloud Beginning to Dominate IT Infra Spending

… • The Amazon versus VMware Cloud War Reader | ARCHIMEDIUS on Three Years of Cloud Predictions

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The NFL won’t blackout games this year

Home > Home Theater > The NFL won’t blackout games this year

…That’s because the National Football League (NFL) has confirmed that it will no longer block local TV broadcasts of games if they fail to sell enough tickets in local stadiums, reports Variety.

Brian McCarthy, spokesperson for the League, confirmed the good news via a simple Tweet via his @NFLprguy account:

…Clubs voted to suspend policy for 1-year. will evaluate impact of the suspension after season

…According to the blackout “rule,” local TV stations are not permitted to telecast an NFL game if tickets aren’t sold out at least three days prior to game day. … In total, from 2009 to 2012, there were 79 game blackouts to thoroughly annoy fans trying to watch from home.

While a decline over the past few years might signal, in theory, that ticket sales are up, this may not necessarily be the case. The number of sold tickets required to constitute a “sold out” game was lowered in 2012, reports ESPN (as cited by Variety) thus making it a bit easier to avoid blackouts.

All that, however, could be in the past should the NFL decide to do away with the blackout rule altogether going forward.

In more great news, the October 25 game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars will be available via free online streaming through all digital platforms around the world.

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Ultra Mobile Adds Mexico Calling

In the last month or so it seems like most of the big MVNOs and prepaid carriers have added some form of unlimited calling to Mexico. The most recent addition to this growing club is Ultra Mobile, who made some significant changes to its international calling last week.

Starting immediately, all customers on plans priced at $29 or higher will have unlimited international calling to 40 countries, including Mexico. Some of the countries, like Mexico and Canada, include unlimited mobile to mobile while others only include unlimited landlines. … In addition to the unlimited calling, plans costing $29 or more also include 1,000 international minutes to call other countries, some Call Anywhere Credit and international direct dial.

Ultra Mobile’s $19 plan also includes some international calling, but the countries are limited to 10 countries.

…And, to top it all off, all plans automatically include a feature called Call Me Free, which provides friends and familes living abroad a local number they can dial to avoid paying hefty international fees. Call Me Free comes with unlimited minutes, but can only be used by those outside of the US making calls to your US Ultra Mobile phone.

…Ultra Mobile offers five monthly plans ranging from $19 – $59 and runs on T-Mobile’s network.

…All trademarks, logos and brand names shown on this website are the sole property of their respective companies and are not owned by

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Cruz Jumps in the Pool — Will Dollars Follow?

Cruz is a strong fundraiser, but his success has been buoyed in large part by his ability to get others to help him — and having the personal resources to help himself if necessary.

Since he began running in 2011, Cruz’ Senate campaign committee has raised more than $18.3 million, including about $14.5 million for his 2012 Senate bid; the average winning Senate campaign in 2012 cost $10.2 million. … Thanks to a nasty primary battle between him and then-Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst, the race ended up being the third most expensive of any Senate contest in 2012 at a total cost of $54.4 million — but a major part that was due to big spending by outside groups, not by Cruz or Dewhurst.

…With strong street cred among tea partiers, his campaign committee has seen a good deal of money flow in from small donors — about 16 percent of the cash he’s raised over his career has come from small donors (those giving less than $200). And his two largest sources of cash are the Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund, which have given him at least $705,000 and $315,000, respectively, almost entirely in earmarked contributions collected through their own massive grassroots outreach efforts (the groups each claim to have given more, but our figures are the ones reported by the campaign).

Other than those two fonts of grassroots money, Cruz’ main sources of cash for his campaign are a little less plebeian — Woodforest National Bank, Goldman Sachs (where Cruz’ wife works) and his old law firm Morgan Lewis LLP round out his top five.

…Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, Cruz is a federal officeholder and official candidate, meaning that he can’t ask for donations of greater than $5,000 to any super PAC that may spring up to support him — or he at least has to leave the room before anyone else can make a bigger pitch. Up till now, much of the pre-campaign work Cruz has been doing in the run-up to today’s announcement was funded through his leadership PAC, the Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund.

…Cruz will need the help of some big outside spending groups, though, and it remains to be seen what type of deep-pocketed donors he can find to back him.

…Russ has a background in investigative journalism, having worked as a reporter for the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, and he spent five years as a newspaper reporter in New Hampshire.

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Opencart Version2 Marketplace Membership

Using this Opencart Marketplace Membership module admin can restrict the seller to add the product. Seller needs to buy any membership plan to become a seller and manage their store. Admin can set the payment method for membership and also apply membership plan based on “No.

… • Seller needs to buy any membership plan to become a seller and manage their store.

… • Admin can select Membership type as No. of product and Product Quantity.

…Using this field admin can enable the payment method which they want to use the checkout page only for the membership plan.

…In this field you can see all membership list and also add new member.

…If you select “Show front” then selected partner will have the add membership option at the front end.

…If you don’t have sufficient quantity then you can buy membership plan by following basic procedure of buying products.

…That’s all for the Opencart Marketplace Membership module, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

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Apple Mac servers: Why they still makes sense

Apple Photos for Mac OS X is out: here’s what you need to know

…“I’m using liberty here in the sense that your media tastes and purchasing habits should not be known by one entity, and therefore make it difficult to know who you are or what you like and dislike without actually knowing you — but instead by knowing your profile. Frankly I would prefer to live in a world that is nothing like the movie Minority Report, where advertisements are customized to you by a sensor recognizing your optics as you walk by.”

…MacDailyNews Take: It seems like there’s room for a bit more robust, customizable Mac mini server, but it doesn’t seem as if Apple is all that interested (we won’t even bother dreaming of a modern Xserve).

…Still, a modular Mac/Server may be a possibility in the future as we do more and more things at home.?

…That was the point of Apple Server, with a small amount of reading the official documentation you could be up and running. ?

…But us small business users who don’t want to hire an IT staff if we don’t need to, rely on mac server to manage all of the other Apple products that we buy.?

…I mistakenly upgraded hardware and when I had all my problems with server 10.9+, I tried to downgrade to a lower server OS but couldn’t because the hardware wouldn’t let me. ?

…If Apple ever wanted to try to get into the enterprise market, I think that they should build their product on top of CentOS.

…I can definitely see why you’d want to get rid of a GUI on a server OS.

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Greek deal with euro zone likely this week – EU’s Schulz

Greek deal with euro zone likely this week – EU’s Schulz

…A Greek orthodox priest makes his way past a replica of a one drachma coin outside the Athens Town Hall March 20, 2015.

…(Reuters) – European Parliament President Martin Schulz said in an interview published on Tuesday he expected Greece to reach an agreement with its euro zone partners within a week to release much-needed cash.

Greece has pledged to present a package of proposed reforms for its ailing economy by next Monday, in a bid to win fresh aid from its creditors and avoid a debt default which policymakers fear could force it out of the euro zone.

“I think by the end of this week a new deal will be reached that should be sufficient to release the most urgent financing,” Schulz was quoted as saying by Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Schulz said Greece would then have “not more than three months” to present a “credible, detailed and definitive” plan.

…World’s Greatest Investor Tells You How to Turn $40 Into $10 Million Motley Fool

…The latest news and analysis as Britain counts down to the May 7 general election. 

…Thomson Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

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Twitch Plays Pokémon finally captures all 151 original monsters

• Apple photographed a flower over 24,000 times for a single Watch face

…Apple photographed a flower over 24,000 times for a single Watch face

…Everything you need to know about Apple’s new Photos app for Mac

…Microsoft is bringing live, over-the-air TV to Xbox One in North America

…More than a year after an ever-changing group of internet strangers first completed Pokémon Red by pressing random buttons, Twitch Plays Pokémon has finally caught every single one of the 151 collectible creatures in the Game Boy game.

…As with previous versions of Twitch Plays Pokémon, the game’s main character was directed by viewers watching through the streaming service. While players of the standard version can beat Pokémon Red by simply beating the game’s final bosses, the Elite Four — a feat achieved by the first version of Twitch Plays Pokémon early last year — this version of the game was modified so it could only be completed by capturing all 151 original monsters.

…The modified version also featured legendary Pokémon that would respawn, meaning that if the jumble of thousands of inputs at the same time failed to capture majestic creatures such as Zapdos, Articuno, and Mewtwo himself the first time they met, they’d get another shot to complete their Pokédex. The hacked game also let players buy master balls, making for easy captures — if, that is, they could successfully guide player character AIIIAAB (named by committee) to the store. You can watch the last 20 minutes of the successful run above, and also watch AIIIAAB get his Pokémon diploma, and get his Pokédex rated by Pokémon expert Professor Oak.

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