Round Up to Save For Retirement

For some the concept of investing money to build a more financially secure future is second nature, a habit that seems to be built into their DNA. For many others it seems like a foreign language, or something that is reserved for those who might be found lounging pool side by their summer home three months out of the year. … Anyway, saving for retirement, a college fund or the adventure of a lifetime is a habit anyone can learn and the Acorns app makes it easy and accessible for everyone.

…To learn more about their awesome team of designers, engineers, managers, and cool people who will be working to make your spare change work for you visit this page.

…Acorns is a secure financial service that was designed to help people invest more easily with no account minimums or commissions.  … The bottom line is that this is a service that will enable someone on a very limited budget to start investing and saving for retirement now. Have you started looking into investing only to have your curiosity and drive crushed by seeing minimum investment requirements that surpass what you could save in six months,a year, or longer?

…This is a fun and interesting way for everyone to invest and build a savings for retirement or any other savings goal that strikes a chord with you. … This adds up over time and can help those who do not have enough investment capital to approach other options get there.

…For a good article and visual overview of the kinds of questions and choices you will make when going through the process of setting up your account check out this review from Carrie Smith posted to

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Complex Systems and the “Rashomon Effect”

But part of my fascination with the subject is that I often ask myself similar questions when thinking about the equally mysterious world of highly complex emergent systems, that is, systems where the whole can at times be quite different from the sum of their parts.

…Four different characters tell widely different versions of the same event:  the samurai’s wife who says she was raped by a bandit, subsequently fainted and then awoke and found her husband dead; a bandit who says he seduced the wife and then killed the samurai in an honorable duel; a woodcutter who says he witnessed the rape and murder but did not want to get involved; and the dead samurai, who speaking through a medium said that the shame of the events he witnessed drove him to kill himself.

…Early in the 19th century, French mathematician and scientist Pierre-Simon Laplace observed that if we knew the precise state of the universe as represented by the position and speed of every one of its particles, classical mechanics would enable us to calculate all past and future states of the universe. 

…The results of the experiment support the latter scenario, namely, “that there is a Rashomon effect not just in our descriptions of nature, but in nature itself… What this research implies is that we are not just hearing different stories about the electron, one of which may be true. 

…But if so, why can’t we gather enough data and use highly sophisticated models and powerful supercomputers to make precise short and long term weather predictions, figure out what the traffic will be like tomorrow in Manhattan, anticipate the ups-and-downs of the economy or come up with better medical treatments for diabetes and other chronic diseases? 

…While in principle such systems are deterministic, in practice our ability to predict their future or past behaviors is severely limited by their inherent complexity, the dynamic nature of their components, their intricate interrelationships, and their high sensitivity to initial conditions, a property called chaos. 

…We now have the ability to gather huge amounts of information about the real-time behavior of such systems, which can be quickly analyzed with powerful supercomputers to help us figure out what’s going on, enabling us to make better informed, smarter decisions. 

…Nicely done Irving–an elegant story telling, despite the absence of mentioning the pioneer of complexity with our friends at SFI:) One of the reasons we are located in NM–have engaged with many up the hill since conceived my classic CAS in our lab in mid 90s–then in N AZ, but it’s better being on the ground as I can participate regularly with visiting scientists from all over the world.

…I feel a bit uncomfortable with Frenkel’s statement that “There is really no escape from the mysterious – some might say, mystical – nature of the quantum world” which I perceive as opting-out from a deeper and objective discussion. … Moreover, cantoning to the framework of physics alone, my feeling is that when we take very seriously the essence of what the two physical theories of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity tell us about our world, when we take both of them to their extreme consequences and follow mathematical consistency leading to Quantum Gravity (e.g. with Loop Quantum Gravity), we might also have a base for clarifying the discussion on what being a “realist” means which is very much related to the reality of the wave function.

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Daily Inspiration #2032


…This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo’s writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, You can submit your images and inspiration to RAWZ via and don’t forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to


I’m a UX / Web designer and manage business and projects at Zee. Also I love to spend some hours on our main projects Openjobs and as a writer and contributor here on Abduzeedo..? Also, you can take a look on my personal website.

…Share what inspires you or what you have done with us on RAWZ. We will select the best images for the Daily Inspiration on Abduzeedo.

…Wallpaper Of The Week (347)

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Top 5 – Photo Editing Apps

If you own any type of social media from Instagram to Facebook, photo editing is everywhere. With these top 5 apps, you and your photos will look fabulous, no matter the original photo.

…This app is like an add-on to Instagram but it gets the jobs done. … You can even add a filter to a photo before you take the photo.

…You can even add text and use different templates, all of which put it at number 3 on our list.

…This app is a runner up because it doesn’t focus on facial fixing but rather on filters( unique ones, I might add.) It can encompass all types of photos, not just selfies, so it’s users range from Instagram users to professional photographers. It is also easy to use and can add just the right mood to any picture.

…You can change the color of your eyes, do full makeup (eyes, face, lips), and even change the contouring of your face.

…If you liked our list of top 5 photo editing apps, we would really appreciate it if you shared this with friends.

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Apr 8, 2015 Category: Food Le chocolat des Français, france, paris, Illustration, chocolate Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 8, 2015 Category: Food Le chocolat des Français, france, paris, Illustration, chocolate Jenifer Tracy Comment

…Apr 8, 2015 Category: Food Le chocolat des Français, france, paris, Illustration, chocolate Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 8, 2015 Category: Food Le chocolat des Français, france, paris, Illustration, chocolate Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 8, 2015 Category: Food Le chocolat des Français, france, paris, Illustration, chocolate Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 8, 2015 Category: Food Le chocolat des Français, france, paris, Illustration, chocolate Jenifer Tracy Comment

…Apr 6, 2015 Category: Home & Garden anagrama, mexico, Mona Castellarnau Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 6, 2015 Category: Home & Garden anagrama, mexico, Mona Castellarnau Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 6, 2015 Category: Home & Garden anagrama, mexico, Mona Castellarnau Jenifer Tracy Comment

Apr 6, 2015 Category: Home & Garden anagrama, mexico, Mona Castellarnau Jenifer Tracy Comment

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Tips For Creating Boundaries In Your Home Office

You are here: Home / Advice/How to / Tips For Creating Boundaries In Your Home Office

…Do you have a friend or family member who thinks that since you work from home it’s not actually work?

…Creating boundaries for your work time and space doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s a necessary part of working from home.

…Tell your family and friends what your work hours are and set expectations about your boundaries during that time.  

…Define your work space within the home and ask your family to consider it off limits during work hours. If you have a separate room with a door, close it and use a “work in progress” or “do not disturb” sign during work hours.

…If you cannot designate a separate room as your dedicated work space, creating virtual borders is easy if you are clear about your expectations.

…When friends don’t quite understand that you don’t have time for visiting during working hours, explain to them that though your work happens at home it’s still work and must be respected as such.

Then turn the tables – ask how their management would react if you stopped by their job for a visit and a chat during working hours.

…Life happens whether you are at work or not so if your family absolutely needs your attention during work hours develop a plan for them to communicate with you without disrupting.

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sbcl – Question

evaluating this function with (for example) 03/22/2015 16:30 prints the following: JDN: 2457104 H: 0.16666667 M: 0.020833334 S: 0.0 Fraction: 0.1875 which is expected.?

…All you have to do to fix this is use double-precision floats instead.

…An alternative to *r-d-f-f* is to use the syntax for double floats, e.g. 24d0.

…I’m not sure that would work since the floats are read in at read time which is before compile time and load time.

…I either get “The variable DOUBLE-FLOAT is unbound.”, or if I add another quote to make it ”double-float:

…Edit: I’ve tried qualifying the symbol as ‘cl::double-float and adding (in-package :cl-user) before it but that makes no difference.

…Unlike the eval-when, I don’t think that the setf in a file will change the *r-d-f-f* value if a cached fasl of the file is loaded.

…It’s not an answer to your question, but I’m happy to take any excuse to link to the Long, Painful History of Time.

…I should add that you can add expected types and return types to functions but hopefully xach or one of those smart guys can explain how that would work.

…It’s the reader’s default settings, not type inference, that result in single-float computations.

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SAP Continues to Lead as a Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Leader

Thanks to a booming cloud computing business, the company’s revenues were over €17.5 billion (US$19.3 billion) last year, a respectable 4 percent increase over the previous year’s numbers in what is a hyper-competitive market.

…The latest integrated report both tracks SAP’s longstanding initiatives as well as new programs the company says will make it both an attractive workplace and a strong company in the coming years.

…The company’s total energy consumption had a slight uptick, but that should not be surprising considering its workforce grew by 12 percent last year. … SAP not only uses clean energy for all of its data centers’ needs, but it also uses renewables for 100 percent of its total electricity consumption — though that last data point is possible because of the company’s purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

…In its home country of Germany, as well as its largest market, the U.S. — and in many nations across the world — SAP has won many awards for being a “Great Place to Work.” … While the tech industry in Silicon Valley and beyond continues to suffer from a reputation that its leadership and workforce is less diverse than imagined, SAP has a program to increase the number of women within its management ranks to 25 percent by 2017. LGBT employees are also part of this culture of inclusion, and the company regularly holds forums that bring together managers and employees, in person and via the cloud, to discuss how the company can continue to groom new leaders and retain talent.

…Last year SAP expanded its Social Sabbatical program, which sends high-performing employees across the world to work with NGOs and entrepreneurs on social enterprise projects. … And in New York City, SAP is working with a six-year public high school, BTECH, which offers a specialized business and technology curriculum for students looking to enter the IT field.

…With 1,100 nonprofits benefiting from its technology donations and 188,000 employee volunteering hours in 47 countries, SAP proves that a multinational company can still be community oriented at the most micro of levels.

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Download MOUNTAIN – USA Edition | Android Free Apps

Download MOUNTAIN – USA Edition | Android Free Apps

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…The Economic Times Wealth by Times Internet Limited Price: Free DOWNLOAD HERE :

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…Home| About Us| Contact Us| Privacy Policy| 2014 All Rights Reserved © One App Store – Powered By Blogger – Created By Ar-themes

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FBI Puts Indian Cyber-Fugitive on Most Wanted List

Declaring Shivraj Singh Dabi, an Indian national, a cyber-fugitive, the FBI has put him on its most wanted list with posters in English, Punjabi and Hindi seeking information about him.

Wanted by the FBI notice put out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation accuses Dabi, 42, of “Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement – Computer Crimes” and says he may have fled to India.

Dabi, it says goes by aliases of “Shivra Dabi, Shivrha Dabi, Shivrha S.

…According to FBI he is 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 140 to 160 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes.

…In 2007, FBI says “Dabi fled from Sacramento County, California, after he was found guilty of charges related to accessing the computers of his previous employer and deleting and purposely damaging the computer data on those computers, a felony.”

On July 21, 2008, a federal arrest warrant was issued by the US District Court, Eastern District of California, Sacramento, California, after Dabi was charged with unlawful flight to avoid confinement.

Dabi should be considered an international flight risk, FBI said asking people with any information concerning him to contact the local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

… • Micromax’s Yu Yureka to Be Available to Buy Again on Thursday

… • How to Live Stream IPL 2015 Free on Your Smartphone, PC, or Tablet

… Which mobile will be best to buy ranging from from 15000 to 25000 Rupees

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