Passing the CCIE Voice Exam Means Expertise in Cisco VoIP Solutions

The value of a CCIE certification is a given. All IT professionals know this. They aim to get this certification because they want to take advantage of having an expert status and therefore an expert level salary.

The CCIE certification has 5 tracks. Each track focuses on a different topic. One of which is the CCIE Voice track. Having a CCIE Voice certification means that one is very knowledgeable in providing an enterprise with voice over IP solutions. Getting CCIE Voice certified requires no prerequisite training but to get certified with a CCIE Voice, one has to pass both a written exam and a lab exam.

To be able to take the written CCIE Voice exam one would have to pay a fee of about $300. The exam generally would deal with the Cisco technology and applications that an enterprise would use in VoIP solutions. On the other hand, the lab exam would be a timed exam. Every question aims to test a certain criterion. But the whole lab exam is an 8-hour exam which assesses the examinee s skills in providing VoIP solutions to an enterprise in a given time. The lab exam would normally cost about $1,400.

Again to get certified one would have to pass both the written and the lab exams.  He must pass the written CCIE Voice exam first before he is qualified to take the lab exam for CCIE Voice. It s not easy to pass the exam but once he does, he will be CCIE Voice certified and he will be considered an expert in providing VoIP solutions to enterprise using Cisco products. This could lead to an increase in salary and more employment opportunities as well.

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