IT professionals who want to specialize in Cisco VoIP solutions would generally aim for a CCIE Voice certification. In order to prove their expertise in this field, they have to pass the CCIE Voice exam. This is the only way to showcase their knowledge and get better jobs and better salaries as well.

In order to get the CCIE Voice certification, there are two exams an IT professional has to pass. He has to pass both the CCIE Voice written exam and the CCIE Voice lab exam. The CCIE Voice certification does not have any prerequisite but one has to pass the CCIE Voice written exam first before he can move on to the lab exam and finally get the certification.

The CCIE Voice written exam is the first step towards the obtaining the CCIE voice certification. One must demonstrate an aptitude in Cisco technologies and applications that are used in providing VoIP solutions to enterprise. This would more or less cost $300 depending on the exchange rate in some countries. It is given in more than a hundred testing centers around the world.                                         

The CCIE Voice written exam is the first step so it is important that one would pass this test. Without which he can t go on to the next step which is taking the lab exam.  While it is not all it takes to get the certification, it is a start towards that goal.   One really has to prepare for each part of the exam.  He has to first prepare for the CCIE Voice written exam and then the lab exam to complete the whole endeavor.

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