The Sun Certified Java Programmer is the entry level certification of Sun Microsystems.  The SCJP credential is the prime certification for those who wish to program custom business solutions using Java development tools and technologies.

The SCJP is available in two versions, the SCJP 1.2 and SCJP 1.4.  To become certified is to take the exam. The SCJP exam is the first series of the java Certification exam and is the first step to become a competent Java developer.

The SCJP 1.4 Exam has the following objectives: 1.  Declarations and Access Control 2.  Flow Control Assertions 3.  Garbage Collection 4.  Language Fundamentals 5.  Operators and Assignment 6.  Overloading Overriding 7.  Fundamental Class 8.  The Collections Frame Work 9.  Threads

There are 61 questions given during the SCJP exam and with a time limit of 120 minutes.  The exam fee is $150.  The type of questions in the exam is as follows: 1.  Multiple Choice (Single Response) 2.  Multiple Choice (Multiple Response) 3.  Fill in the Blanks

Passing the SCJP exam include job roles of a web developer, web programmer, and software developer and application programmer. A certified SCJP do have the chance of getting jobs easily and getting paid more. 

The SCJP certification aids professional to upgrade their credentials and earn recognition in the IT industry. Professionals who have SCJP certification are preferred by employers and a promotion is most likely to be given. The SCJP certification is the proof of their competency and expertise on the Sun Java products and technologies.

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