Metadata Assistant Enterprise and Retail Version are both famous products of Payne Groups. They claimed that these products are used by more or less 2.5 million people around the world. The company is also said to be the leading provider of different desktop automation and metadata removal software applications, project management services, and training services for various enterprises like government agencies, corporations, and law firms. What make the company and its products astounding is the different features and functionalities they provide their clients.

The Metadata Assistant Enterprise Edition is recommended for companies having more than 20 workstation licenses. Every purchase of this edition comes with additional support like patches, courseware, customization and updates. This software application is also able to analyze the Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in order to determine the amount and type of metadata that are hidden within them. The Metadata Assistant can also be used to erase the unwanted side-information about these files.

The edge of Metadata Assistant Enterprise Edition is that it can do a standalone operation through its utilities that can run within the Microsoft Office applications. This can also be used whether the file to be cleaned up is close or open. This version also has the capacity to process many files located inside a single folder whether that folder is in a local or network computer. The Enterprise Edition can also be used to clean and analyze different files attached with emails and convert the already cleaned files to other formats like PDF format.

For easier use, the Metadata Assistant Enterprise Edition is able to integrate with the Microsoft Office application, email clients like Outlook, and other document management programs like Worldox, Hummingbird, and Interwoven.

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