Build relationships and align with stakeholders to design and deliver objective based development programs focused on addressing high impact leadership development needs to drive a culture of leadership, People Development, and high performance results.

More Uses of the People Development Toolkit:

  • Measure the outcomes and outputs of People Development initiatives.
  • Develop teams encouraging People Development; coaching and mentoring of others.
  • Be certain that your organization builds capability of the staff by modeling and mentoring others on enterprise People Development practices and standards.
  • Steer: People Development and performance management.
  • Be accountable for People Development, appraisal execution and teams growth; Identify training needs of the team and coordinate development of new training content.
  • Guide: People Development and leadership.
  • Methodize: People Development and culture management.
  • Control: People Development develops staff for current and long term department needs and opportunities.
  • Supervise: People Development, continuous feedback, and high performance.
  • Establish that your strategy complies; relationships and People Development.
  • Integrate inclusivity into People Development content and talent practices to foster a sense of belonging and equality for all.
  • Develop lean management and People Development processes and plans.
  • Manage: People Development and employee engagement.
  • Supervise: People Development and leadership skills.
  • Be accountable for coaching and People Development skills.
  • Secure that your organization complies; focus on People Development and training.
  • Govern: People Development and management.
  • Ensure you participate; lead and manage the Quality team through talent acquisition, People Development and coaching, and training.
  • Assure your organization contributes an equity lens to every aspect of the People Development and management process.
  • Formulate: People Development (assessment of others, feedback/coaching, delegation, motivating others, performance management, communicating expectations).
  • Provide support and consultation on forecasting, recruitment, performance management, compensation and rewards, staff relations, and People Development.
  • Become committed to People Development with active mentorship, coaching and guidance to biometrics team members.
  • Ensure you charter; lead with expertise in designing, developing, planning, implementing and assessing People Development initiatives.
  • Improve and maintain department performance according to set objectives and established goals for safety, quality, process reliability, cost control and People Development.
  • Be accountable for People Development, training and performance management.
  • Be accountable for hiring and People Development.
  • Evaluate: performance measurement, People Development, customer relationship management, etc.


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