Be accountable for measuring and evaluating programs to drive reportable Performance Improvement against ESG standards program models that effectively and efficiently address strategic goals and the impact internally, locally, nationally and internationally.

More Uses of the Performance Improvement Toolkit:

  • Make sure that your organization identifies strategies and solutions directly linked to organizational and departmental goals by establishing and maintaining partnerships with SMEs and vendors that drive Performance Improvement change.
  • Drive Performance Improvement opportunities for the rest of the supply chain while providing dashboards and tools to allow leadership to make decisions using key metrics, KPIs, and other quantitative measures.
  • Ensure you spearhead; lead multi disciplinary teams in performing Root Cause Analysis and lead the implementation of corrective and preventative actions for customer complaints, quality deficiencies, and identified areas for change.
  • Lead ongoing coaching and feedback to support the development of new skills, recognition of achievement, and suggestions for Performance Improvement.
  • Coordinate and effectively keep stakeholders informed by communicating progress, providing status updates for all customer initiatives, Performance Improvements and/or issue resolution plans.
  • Ensure you mobilize; understand and expand the current manufacturing data eco system, by mapping existing data and data gaps, in order to enable identification of sources of value with analytics revenue growth or Performance Improvements.
  • Support business and management decisions for daily operations, strategic planning and specific business Performance Improvements through the collection, analysis and clear reporting of data.
  • Coordinate with organization leadership to identify and execute Performance Improvement initiatives aimed at achieving year over year reductions in total sourcing spend.
  • Drive financial Performance Improvement initiatives throughout business cost reduction, asset management, capital efficiency, productivity, price management etc.
  • Confirm your organization serves as a direct liaison to operational teams in order to ensure timely and accurate resolution to open concerns; uses that interaction to ascertain root cause for recurring issues.
  • Oversee: routinely conducts random audits, directly or through Performance Improvement coordinator, of sites to assess compliance and quality standards are being maintained across all areas.
  • Warrant that your organization plans, organize, coordinates, and directs and/or implements key activities of your organization composite organizational functions administered by a department or organization.
  • Provide feedback, in the form of formal reports, regarding achievement of customer goals and priorities; identify opportunities for improvement and developing possible Performance Improvement strategies.
  • Confirm your organization participates in project performance team meetings on behalf of the job unit in order to provide ideas, methods, or processes for unit/organization Performance Improvement.
  • Use quality engineering principles, tools and practices to develop and optimize systems and processes that are aligned with the overall business and quality vision.
  • Organize: certification in lean, six sigma, project management, or other Performance Improvement/management methodology through an officially recognized organization highly desirable.
  • Drive supply base Performance Improvement by implementing strategies to improve delivery, reduce lead times, and effectively manage overall procurement and optimized inventory.
  • Assure your organization serves as a resource and leads and/or facilities task forces to plan, implement and coordinate facility activities to maximize service quality, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Formulate: traditional supplier, as strategy houses, systems integrators and engineering project management consultants, cannot provide the complete service your clients now demand.
  • Confirm your organization aws is building a new distributed query accelerator that provides the foundation for a next wave of Performance Improvement and innovation in cloud based analytics.
  • Perform systems analysis, design, and programming duties involving complex computer applications, initiating corrective actions as necessary to ensure continuing code quality and Performance Improvements.
  • Methodize: key goals are continuous Performance Improvement in safety, employee engagement, cost management, reliability, production and product availability, and quality.
  • Ensure that financial planning and controls for IT portfolio decisions provide a return on investment, cost savings, Performance Improvement and clearly link to the defined business strategy.
  • Be accountable for identifying and implementing cost savings initiatives to drive operational Performance Improvements and cost reduction using Lean Manufacturing Tools and methods.
  • Create plans/interventions based on barrier, data, and/or competitor analysis, defined project scope and goals, measurable metrics for program evaluations, and projected timelines.


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