Collaborate with function leads to ensure the teams are fully resourced and skilled appropriately to deliver, working expeditiously to highlight any resource gaps that impact the program delivery or quality.

More Uses of the Planisware Toolkit:

  • Create and own a lead nurturing strategy with specific programs to nurture and qualify the existing internal prospect database.
  • Perform design failure mode effects analysis to document thought process and to increase confidence in designs.
  • Confirm your organization provides the portfolio operations group with project schedule information to enable effective portfolio management activities.
  • Generate lead through outbound cold calling and calling on marketing generated and inbound lead.
  • Manage all aspects of business development by keeping up to date records of Activities, Opportunities, Customers.
  • Pilot: strategic thinker who is able to balance current challenges and future possibilities and create strategic focus in an actionable manner.
  • Assure your organization contributes to continuous improvement of plan utilization, and reporting creating/developing processes, or systems/process integration.
  • Be certain that your organization contributes to the validation of resource information at the project level with the project teams.
  • Manage work with relevant areas/teams to lead the development of strategy and project plan (inclusive of timelines, milestones, interdependencies, issues, risks and actions).
  • Manage multiple project simultaneously and drive to completion using project management methods.
  • Manage: self starting hand on individual who is a quick learner interested in mastering solution innovation offerings and new business creation.
  • Ensure you integrated portfolio solutions ips, and members of partner lines to drive development of new technologies and continuous improvement of planning processes, tools, reports, systems.
  • Direct: competence in portfolio modeling best practices, and technical capabilities in the biotech industry.
  • Oversee: evidence in identifying business needs, translating into technical gaps, and conveying software solutions to resolve the original needs.
  • Develop and nurture trusted advisor relationships with key customer stakeholders and executive sponsors.
  • Secure that your organization supports portfolio operations, asset, development/project and protocol teams, partner lines and others to provide regular information updates.
  • Confirm your organization ensures organizational data are translated into actionable information that is easily understood.
  • Analyze and integrate the aspects of business process, change management and technical realities.
  • Standardize: clearly communicate project plans, risks and business plans to stakeholders at all levels, internal and external.
  • Ensure you rapid is a key strategic imperative that supports a fit for the future model of the processes, operations, and systems for the planning and management of Research and Development resources (dollars and FTEs).
  • Develop and put together Planisware solution document highlighting the key solution differentiators.
  • Ensure you find and hire the right individuals in agreed sales positions (sales/ pre sales/lead generation).
  • Manage key customer relationships and lead closing strategic opportunities (handle executive track).
  • Provide leadership and ownership of the entire sales process from pre qualified through close and understand process.
  • Initiate: monitor customer, market and competitor activity and provide feedback to organization leadership team and other organization functions.


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