A PMP certificate is valid only for three years. As soon as you earn your certificate, you would have to add more credited units into your educational background to ensure that you keep yourself certified. This is what PDU or Professional Development Units is all about.

There are a lot of institutes nowadays which offer further PDUs so that you can take care of your PMP credentials. Here are the important topics you must look for as they give you the necessary PDU units you will need.

PDU in Risk Management – This would help empower your skills when it comes to setting out plans within risky conditions. Risks should not hamper your decisions or your power to carry out your tasks.

PDU in MS Project – Since technology is also vital to project management nowadays, you would find the MS Project application a very handy tool. It helps organize the events of your project through a Gantt chart so that you can keep track of what’s currently happening. In addition, it also reminds you of the critical tasks still pending.

PDU in Executive Overview – As project manager, you can eventually be promoted to spearhead bigger groups and even a group of executives. As such, you would need the course to give you managerial and executive skills necessary in handling higher positions.

If you want to maintain your PMP, it is vital that you take up these additional units. After all, they are easily available even online so you wouldn’t have to worry about any interference it can make with your current work schedule.


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