Many have asked on the nature of the Project Management Institute, which is more commonly known and refered to as PMI.
It is sad to note that only the people in the world of Project Management are able to understand its importance in the quest to ensure the maintenance of the quality and credibility of the Project Managers.
It is a very crucial organization, which is considered and accepted as a globally recognized Certification in the world of Project Management.
In fact, its Certification Examinations are being used and outlined as benchmarks by the all Project Managers.
They have also been known as to having implemented and offered one of the toughest Certification Examinations.
In its entirety, the PMI offers three levels of Certification Examination for Project Managers.
These Examinations differ in terms of the levels of the questions, toughness and ranking.
The first is given to members of Project Management teams, while the seconds are for the Project Manager themselves.
The third is considered as the hardest and is named as Program Management Professional and is offered to Project Managers, who seek the last, highest and the hardest form of Certification in Project Management.
They are most often to be found in the top echelons of the Business itself and while it is certainly the hardest and highest form, the second level of Certification, which is the Project Management Professional or PMP, is currently the most sought after Certification.
And is originally and critically based on the standards set under the PMP Examination Specification, which is in turn made by the PMI in 2005.

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